Houtermans Award

Houtermans _Stefan LalondeRecipient of the 2019 Houtermans Award:

Stefan Lalonde, CNRS / Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer, France

Stefan Lalonde is a CNRS researcher at the Laboratoire Géosciences Océan, Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer and Université de Bretagne Occidentale, in Brest, France. A Canadian raised in Nova Scotia and Montana, Stefan completed BSc studies at McGill University and obtained an MSc degree in Geomicrobiology (2006) and PhD degree in Geochemistry (2011) at the University of Alberta. Stefan’s research is focused on the evolution of the Precambrian surface environment and biosphere. Read more

About the Houtermans Award

The Houtermans award is bestowed annually to a scientist within 12 years from the start of PhD, which must be completed. Eligibility is determined by the status of the candidate at the close of the year in which nominations are received and not the year the award is presented; hence, for the 2019 Houtermans Award, candidates should have started their PhD in 2006 at the earliest.

The award recognizes a single exceptional contribution to geochemistry, published as a single paper or a series of papers on a single topic. It is named in honor of Friedrich Georg Houtermans, a Dutch-Austrian-German physicist.

The award is presented annually at the Goldschmidt Conference. The award consists of an engraved medal, an honorarium (1000 Euros) and a certificate.

Former recipients of the Houtermans Award

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