Upcoming conferences

calendarThis page lists some of the conferences and short courses which may be of interest to geochemists.
Should you wish to add conferences to this list, please email Marie-Aude Hulshoff at office@eag.eu.com.

Information about programs and bursaries in geochemistry is available at www.eag.eu.com/early-career/programs.

Additional upcoming conferences can be found at Elements Meeting Calendar or www.conferencealerts.com/earth.htm.

Conferences for 2017

Dates Conference Location Abstract deadline Registration deadline
4-7 June 14th International Symposium on Estuarine Biogeochemistry Rimouski, Canada 31 Jan 15 April
11-16 June 11th International Symposium on Geochemistry of the Earth’s Surface Guiyang, China 24 Mar 31 Mar (Early)
12-15 June 79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2017 Paris, France closed 15 Mar (Early)
21-26 June MinSoc meeting: Redox-Active Minerals in Natural Systems
EAG members can register at member rate
Manchester, UK 19 May tbd
23-28 June Tourmaline 2017 Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic 5 May 28 Feb (Early Fee Payment)
23-29 June European Current Research On Fluid and melt Inclusions 2017 Nancy, France 1 Apr 1 Apr (Early)
9-13 July 22nd European Conference on Organometallic Chemistry Amsterdam, Netherlands 31 Mar 31 Mar (Early)
16-20 July ICOBTE 2017 Zürich, Switzerland 2 July 4 June
24-28 July Annual Meeting of The Meteoritical Society Santa Fe, New Mexico 9 May 23 June (Early)
4-9 Aug Conference: Magmatism of the Earth and related strategic metal deposits Miass, Russia 31 Jan 15 Mar
13-18 August Goldschmidt2017
Organized by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society
EAG members can register at member rate
Paris, France 1 Apr 13 June (Early)
14-18 August IAVCEI 2017 Portland, USA 17 Mar 1 June
20-23 Aug 14th SGA Biennial Meeting “Mineral Resources to Discover”
EAG members can register at member rate
Québec City, Canada 6 Mar 15 May (Early)
20-24 Aug BIOGEOMON, 9th International Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior Litomysl, Czech Republic 10 Mar 30 Mar
2-9 Sept 18th Annual Conference of International Association for Mathematical Geosciences Perth, Australia 1 Feb 2 June (Early)
10-15 Sept Migration 2017: 16th International Conference on the Chemistry and Migration Behaviour of Actinides and Fission Products in the Geosphere Barcelona, Spain 6 Mar 15 June (Early)
17-22 Sept 28th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry Florence, Italy 22 Jan 1 July (Early)
17-22 Sept 12th International Symposium on Applied Isotope Geochemistry (AIG-12)
EAG members can register at member rate
Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA 1 May 1 July (Early)
18-22 Sept 11th International Kimberlite Conference Gaborone, Botswana 3 Jan 15 May (Regular)
18-22 Sept Basalt 2017 Kadaň, Czech Republic 20 June 27 May (Early)
25-29 Sept ISEB23
EAG members can register at member rate
Palm Cove, Cairns, Australia 31 May 2017 28 July (Early)
22-25 Oct GSA 2017 Seattle, USA tbd tbd
11-15 Dec 2017 AGU Fall Meeting New Orleans, USA 2 Aug tbd

Short courses for 2017

Dates Short course Location Deadline
23-25 May 15th International Workshop of the Natural Analogue Working Group Prague, Czech Republic 14 Apr (registration and abstracts)
29 May-3 June Workshop: Accretion, Differentiation and Early Evolution of the Terrestrial Planets Nice, France 28 Feb (abstracts)
7-9 June Short Course on Application of Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry to Earth Sciences Perugia, Italy 1 May (registration and submission of proposals)
18-21 June High-Resolution Proxies of Paleoclimate
Free registration
Madison, WI, USA 1 May (registration, abstract)
19-22 June TRR 170 Summer School “Impact Processes in the Solar System”
Financial support is available – contact the organiser
Klösterle, Nördlingen (in the Ries impact crater, Germany) 1 Mar (applications)
21-26 August Summer School on Speleothem Science Burgos, Spain 31 Mar (registration)

Conferences for 2018

Dates Conference Location Abstract
11-14 June 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark tba tba
12-17 August Goldschmidt2018
Organized by the Geochemical Society and European Association of Geochemistry
EAG members can register at member rate
Boston, USA tba tba

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