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Conferences, short courses and other events in 2024

Dates Event details Deadlines
11-17 Feb Cities on Volcanoes 12 IAVCEI
Antigua Guatemala
Abstracts: 8 Oct
18-24 Feb AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting
New Orleans, USA
Abstracts: 13 Sep
Registration (early): 10 Jan
26 Feb – 1 Mar Q14: “The Quaternary in all its states: land, sea, ice”
Rennes France
Abstracts: 15 Oct
Registration (early): 15 Jan
Registration (late): 15 Feb
27-29 Feb Workshop on Advanced X-ray characterization technologies in Earth Sciences
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Registration: 30 Jan
19-21 Mar FluidNET conference: International Science Conference on Fluids in the Earth
Heraklion, Greece
Abstracts: 20 Dec
Travel grants available for ECR
25-28 Mar 5th International Workshop on Electron Probe Micro-analysis
Registration (early): 31 Dec
Registration (late): 25 Mar
14-19 Apr EGU General Assembly 2024
Vienna, Austria, and online
Abstracts: 10 Jan
Registration: 18 Mar
13-17 May Earth and Planets Origin and Evolution Workshop
Paris, France
Abstracts: 15 Feb
Registration: mid-Feb tbc
19-22 May GAC-MAC-PEG 2024
Brandon, Manitoba Canada
Abstracts: 29 Feb
Registration: 20 May
20-24 May Volcandpark 2024
Nový Jičín, Czech Republic
Abstracts & early registration: 31 Mar
10-13 Jun 85th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition
Oslo, Norway
Abstract: 15 Jan
Registration (early): 15 Mar
8-12 Jul 12th International Kimberlite Conference
Yellowknife, Canada
Short Abstracts: 20 Dec
Long Abstracts: 21 Apr
Registration (early/late): 9 Jun / 24 Jun
28 Jul – 2 Aug METSOC 2024 – 86th Annual Meeting of The Meteoritical Society
Brussels, Belgium
18-23 Aug Goldschmidt2024
Chicago, USA
Organized by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society
EAG members can register at member rate
Session and Workshop proposals: 31 Oct
Grant applications: 15 Mar
Abstract submission: 29 Mar
Registration (early): 1 Jul
18-23 Aug EMC2024 – 4th European Mineralogical Conference
Dublin, Ireland
Abstracts: 22 Mar
Registration (early): 30 March
25-31 Aug 37th International Geological Congress – IGC2024
BEXCO, Busan, Korea
Abstract: 16 Feb
Registration (early): 26 Apr
3-6 Sep Granulites & Granulites 2024
Verbania, Italy
Co-sponsored by the EAG
Registration: 15 May (opens 15 March)
Abstracts: 15 June
22-25 Sep GSA Connects 2024
Anaheim, USA
23-25 Sep 5th SerpentineDays 2024
Granada, Spain
Co-sponsored by the EAG. Student sponsorship available – see pre-inscription form
Pre-inscription: 15 Feb (limited places available)
Registration: 1 Apr
25-28 Oct iGEO2024 Early Careers Symposium
Galway, Ireland
Co-sponsored by the EAG
Gneiss Chats
Free Geoscience podcast series, part of the Geological Podcast Network sponsored by TravelingGeologist.
Pal(a)eo PERCS
Free virtual seminar series designed to showcase the research of Early Career Researchers in paleo- (ntology, ecology, ceanography, climate, etc.).
Serpentine Days
Monthly webinars on serpentinization and associated fluid-rock interaction processes


This page lists some of the conferences, short courses and other events which may be of interest to geochemists.
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Information about programs and bursaries in geochemistry is available at www.eag.eu.com/early-career/programs.

Additional upcoming conferences can be found here.