The EAG Short Course and Conference Sponsorship Program is open to EAG members who are organizing a short course or small conference in Europe focused on special topics or techniques from the broad field of geochemistry. The program aims to directly support student attendance at the event. 
The EAG provides a budget of 3,000 Euros for this program. One or several events may be sponsored each year.

Apply for sponsorship

If you are an EAG member and are organizing a short course or small conference in Europe in 2023, you can apply for EAG sponsorship. Short courses or small conferences should have at least 10 participants and focus on special topics or techniques from the broad field of geochemistry. The short courses or small conferences should be based in Europe. The event can be organized in conjunction with a Goldschmidt conference in Europe. Please note we will not prioritize EU or national funded events.

Following the short course or small conference, sponsored students may be requested to produce a one-page report on their experience. Some of those reports will be published on the EAG Blog.

For events taking place in 2023, the application deadline is 30 November 2022.
Applications for online as well as hybrid and in-person events will be considered.

In 2022, the EAG is proud to be co-sponsoring:

    General Information

    The 12th Geochemistry of the Earth’s Surface Symposium (GES12) has a strong focus on interactions of the Earth’s spheres: the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere, and how these interactions respond to changing environmental and climate conditions. The overarching theme of GES12 is Earth system interactions on a changing planet.

    Zurich, Switzerland, at the central campus of ETH Zurich

    EAG Student Support
    We encourage talented students to participate to GES12 by applying for a European Association of Geochemistry (EAG) sponsored scholarship. Successful applicants will pay a reduced registration fee of CHF 100 (or CHF 70 for an early registration before May 1, 2022). We can offer this scholarship to five students.  Application deadline:  April 15,  2022. More information at

    April 15, 2022: Abstract submission deadline & deadline for EAG scholarship applications
    May 1, 2022: Early registration deadline
    June 1, 2022: Registration deadline
    July 24 – 29, 2022: GES12 Symposium
    More detailed information can be found on our website:

    Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds

    Edinburgh, UK, and online – 7-13 November 2022

    General Information

    About the Meeting

    Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds is a multi-discipline international scientific meeting taking place in Edinburgh, UK, 7-13 November 2022. This event will accommodate roughly 120 in-person delegates of all career stages based in a range of employment sectors. A hybrid model is envisioned to broaden attendance and accommodate virtual access for additional delegates.

    This event will provide a forum for the exchange of new interdisciplinary findings and ideas in relation to two principal themes:
    • The origins of habitable bodies in and beyond our home Solar System
    • Space exploration and its governance: priorities, visions, concerns, and ambitions
    The welcoming atmosphere will foster friendly scientific exchange and help to promote networking beneficial to early, mid, and senior career scientists, space lawyers, educators, and space technology / mission innovators.  Students and those in their early-careers are encouraged to attend and contribute their work in this friendly, relatively unintimidating, and specialist gathering.
    Bursary Information
    The provision of bursary funding is to help relieve potential financial burdens faced by eligible contributing participants. Bursaries are offered on a competitive basis for in-person presenters and also for those accessing the event virtually. Visit for more information and to download the Bursary Application form.
    Dates and Deadlines
    February 2022: Opening of registration and call for abstracts
    22 April 2022: Abstract and early bird registration deadlines
    25 April 2022: Bursary application deadline
    Latest News and Bursary Information

    We are excited that the registration and abstract submission portal for Edinburgh’s inaugural Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds Meeting is approaching! In anticipation, the meeting’s Bursary Application Form has been made available for eligible applicants to download, review, and complete at a pace convenient for them. This form can be accessed at:

    Ahead of the event this meeting and its ethos are attracting attention from international science news. Two journalistic articles, one in the Europlanet Society Magazine and one in Nature, were published during December. These articles can be accessed here:

    Travel information is available here:

    An indicative meeting programme is developing here:

    We are grateful to our sponsors that currently include the Science and Technologies Facilities Council of the UK, the Royal Astronomical Society, the European Association of Geochemistry, and Nu Instruments for their support of this event.

    Further updates shall reach you soon! Should you wish to share information included here among potentially interested colleagues please do so. Looking forward to seeing you in Edinburgh!

    EAG co-sponsored event in 2022, originally scheduled for 2020:

    8th International Clumped Isotope Workshop

    Jerusalem, Israel – 19-22 September 2022

    General Information

    8th International Clumped Isotope Workshop (8th ICIW), will take place at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, 19-22 September 2022 (postponed from 2020).

    Since 2010 the fast-growing community of scientists interested in clumped isotopes meet every ~1.5 years for a few days’ workshop, to discuss methodological development and inter-laboratory standardization, learn about exciting new applications, and share ideas. The workshops are structured around several sessions of lectures and posters, with a large portion of the time being devoted to formal and informal discussion.


    Abstract submission: July 15th 2022
    Early Registration: August 8th 2022

    Former sponsored short courses and conferences