EAG 2020 Medallists

To recognize scientific excellence, the European Association of Geochemistry bestows awards annually. In 2020, the award medal lectures are presented at the Goldschmidt2020 Virtual Conference. We plan on recognizing the 2020 medallists in person at the Goldschmidt2021 conference.

Jillian Banfield, 2020 EAG Urey Award

Jillian Banfield, University of California, Berkeley, is a pioneer in the area of geobiology, using state-of-the-art approaches in both earth sciences and biological sciences to lead to new understanding of how the intimate interactions of the microbiota help to define the geochemistry of our planet. READ MORE AND VIEW THE CITATION & RESPONSE

Kevin Rosso, 2020 EAG Science Innovation Award

Kevin Rosso, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, has been able to recognize the behavior and function of the electronic band structure, band bending, and the potential charge gradient buildup in semiconducting minerals. READ MORE AND VIEW THE CITATION & RESPONSE

Kun Wang, 2020 EAG Houtermans Award

Kun Wang, Washington University in St. Louis, is making significant contributions to the field of cosmochemistry. His work on potassium isotopes, in particular, is reshaping leading ideas about the origin of the Moon by giant impact… READ MORE AND VIEW THE CITATION & RESPONSE

EAG Awards

  • H.C. Urey Award, the society’s highest honor, recognizing outstanding contributions advancing geochemistry over a career.
  • Science Innovation Award, recognizing an important and innovative breakthrough in geochemistry. The subject area of this award differs every year, according to a 5 year cycle. The areas covered are: climatology, isotope geochemistry, low temperature and surface geochemistry, petrology and mineral physics, and biogeochemistry. The recipient must be within 30 years from the start of PhD.
  • F.G. Houtermans Award, recognizing exceptional contributions to geochemistry made by scientists within 12 years from the start of PhD.

Joint EAG-GS Awards and Special Lectures

The following are jointly presented by the EAG and the Geochemical Society:

  • Geochemistry Fellows, honorary title bestowed upon scientists who have made major contributions to the field of geochemistry.
  • P. Gast Lectureship, awarded to a mid-career scientist for outstanding contributions to geochemistry.
  • R. Berner Lecture, awarded to a mid-career scientist on a topic associated with elemental cycling at the Earth’s surface.

Ensure the recognition of deserving scientists and make a nomination before 31 October for Geochemistry Fellows and before 15 November for all other EAG awards.