The European Association of Geochemistry, through its awards, fellowships and special lectures, seeks to recognize outstanding contributions to geochemistry. The honors bestowed on our awardees recognize exceptional contributions at different career stages (see the criteria for individual awards below). We are committed to promoting the diversity of our awardees, to recognizing a wide range of different types of exceptional contribution, and we acknowledge the different career paths that lead to the achievement of such contributions.

2022 Medallists

2022 H.C. Urey Award

William White

Cornell University, USA

Bill White is a pioneer who shaped our understanding of chemical geodynamics of the deep Earth. He has made several fundamental contributions in many areas of geochemistry, but especially to our understanding of geochemical architecture of the mantle, the nature of crustal recycling into the mantle and the evolution of the mantle-crust system. Bill White is also well known for authoring the two most widely used textbooks on geochemistry and isotope geochemistry. Through the generous sharing of his ideas, his influence goes far beyond his publications and permeates all of geochemistry and Earth science. Read more

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2022 Science Innovation Award

Lenny Winkel

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Lenny Winkel has made major contributions to the understanding of selenium occurrence in soils and arsenic occurrence in groundwater by integrating global-scale mapping and data analysis based on chemical modeling and machine learning with geochemical experimentation based on molecular-scale interrogation of biogeochemical processes.
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The 2022 EAG Science Innovation Award was named in honor of Heinz Lowenstam for his work in biogeochemistry.

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2022 F.G. Houtermans Award

Raffaella Demichelis

Curtin University, Australia

Raffaella Demichelis is recognized for her important contributions to fundamental geochemistry by applying both ab initio quantum mechanical techniques and force-field based molecular dynamics to understanding the nucleation and surface geochemistry of biominerals, such as calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. Raffaella has emerged as a world leader in the application of computational methods to such challenging problems. Read more

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EAG Awards

  • H.C. Urey Award: the society’s highest honor, recognizes outstanding contributions advancing geochemistry over a career. The award is based on scientific excellence as well as the broader impacts candidates have made in their careers to date.
  • Science Innovation Award: recognizes mid-career scientists who have recently made an important and innovative breakthrough in geochemistry. The subject area of this award differs every year, according to a 5 year cycle. The areas covered are: climatology, isotope geochemistry, low temperature and surface geochemistry, petrology and mineral physics, and biogeochemistry.
  • F.G. Houtermans Award: recognizes exceptional contributions to geochemistry by an early career scientist.
  • Distinguished Service Award: recognizes outstanding service made to the geochemical community, exceeding the expectations of normal service. Nominations are made by the EAG Council.

Joint EAG-GS Awards and Special Lectures

The following are jointly presented by the EAG and the Geochemical Society:

  • Geochemistry Fellows: honors outstanding scientists who have made major contributions to the field of geochemistry. The award is based on scientific excellence as well as the broader impacts candidates have made in their careers to date.
  • P. Gast Lectureship: recognizes  to a mid-career scientist for outstanding contributions to geochemistry. Nominations are made by the EAG Council and GS Board.
  • R. Berner Lecture: recognizes a mid-career scientist on a topic associated with elemental cycling at the Earth’s surface.