Mission / vision collective statement

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are the foundations of a strong and thriving scientific community. The vision of the European Association of Geochemistry’s DEI Committee is to unite the membership in collective efforts to challenge the status quo, transform community culture, and address system-wide and structural barriers to participation in geochemistry and cosmochemistry.

To realise this vision, our mission is to promote DEI initiatives that cultivate welcoming, kind, inspiring, and actively anti-discriminatory scientific cultures as well as safe, healthy, and supportive working environments. As such, the EAG DEI initiative shall serve as a model for STEM in optimising participation of historically excluded and underrepresented peoples across all sectors, levels of employ, and positions of community leadership.

The Committee is composed of two Co-Chairs, one of which is a serving member of EAG Council, and further representatives from among EAG members. The group works in collaboration with EAG sister association, the Geochemical Society, to enhance the impact of our work.

This team of allies is happy to hear from interested people and groups, and to provide friendly advice. Contact: dei@eag.eu.com

Follow the DEI team on Twitter at @EAG_DEI

DEI Committee