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The 2022 Global Geochemistry Survey was a joint initiative of the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG) and the Geochemical Society (GS). The survey was designed to build understanding where knowledge was previously entirely lacking concerning anonymized demographics, community condition, and workplace and laboratory experiences among geochemists and cosmochemists.

The survey data have now been analysed by Survey specialists.

Summary Statistics

The total number of respondents identifying as a geochemist or cosmochemist was 1560, with a 17% participation rate among Society members. Due to the survey methodology, results cannot be interpreted as representative of the membership, or of geochemists in general. Nevertheless, the survey results present a useful description of the survey respondents’ demographics, career experiences, work-life balance, and experiences of exclusionary behaviours.

Key Finding

40% of survey respondents reported that they had felt physically or emotionally unsafe, threatened or undermined in the workplace and other professional settings. These behaviours took a variety of forms, the most common of which were receiving improper credit for work and the use of undermining language. About one-fourth of respondents said that they had witnessed such behaviours more than 20 times.

Next steps

EAG and GS are now considering the steps we could take based on the Survey findings, and we would like to hear from you, the geochemistry community. This form gives you the chance to share your ideas with us. Responses will be reviewed by EAG and/or GS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committees.

If you wish, you may provide your contact details. Thank you for taking the time to fill in this form.


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