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EAG Incident Report Form

The European Association of Geochemistry (EAG) is committed to providing a safe, open, accessible, and respectful environment at all EAG events, including the Goldschmidt conference. We will not tolerate scientific misconduct or harassment or other unacceptable behavior of any sort (for example, see the Goldschmidt Code of Conduct).

If you have been subject to, or observed, an incident of unacceptable or questionable behavior at an EAG event, no matter how small, we encourage you to use this form to report it. Incidents may include (but are not limited to) scientific misconduct, ethical misconduct, discrimination, bullying or harassment. All questions in this form are optional.

We recognize that formally reporting an incident is not something that everyone wishes to do; it takes time and energy, and sometimes includes sharing very personal information. Therefore, this form gives you the option to report anonymously. In the case of an anonymous report, the information that you provide will be collated and analyzed to help monitor the nature and prevalence of incidents that take place, as well as to guide future EAG policies and targeted actions. Your identity and IP address will not be tracked, and data will be stored securely.

The EAG cannot take direct action as a result of anonymous reporting. Therefore, this form also gives you the option to provide your contact details. Alternatively, you may prefer to send an email directly to ethics@eag.eu.com. All reports will be treated confidentially as per the EAG Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics gives further details on our handling of formal reports of unacceptable behavior.

Thank you for taking the time and energy to report an incident.