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Job opportunities

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Internships, MSc and PhD positions

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Posted onPositionEmployerContactApplication deadline
15 SepType: PhD Position
Rocks for lunch: Do microbes drive the weathering of organic matter in rocks? (PhD project) (more)
Durham University, United Kingdom
Bob Hilton01 Nov or until position is filled
12 SepType: PhD Position
Do Minerals Promote the Preservation of Organic Carbon in Marine Sediments? (more)
School of Earth and Environment, University to Leeds, United Kingdom
Dr Caroline Peacockuntil the position is filled
12 SepType: PhD Position
Multiple PhD positions at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia: Archean geology, sedimentary provenance, petrochronology and wildfire related geochemical differentiation (more)
Discipline of Earth Sciences, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
David Murphy30 Sep
21 JunType: PhD Position
Graduate studies in experimental planetary science (more)
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences University of Tennessee, Knoxville, United States
Nick Dygert15 Oct
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PostDoctoral positions and Fellowships

Sort by post date | Sort by application deadline

Posted onPositionEmployerContactApplication deadline
20 SepType: Fellowship
ASU Exploration Fellowship in Earth and Space Science (more)
Arizona State University, United States
Exploration Fellowship Committee15 Nov
08 SepType: Research Associate
Postdoctoral position in computational seismology (more)
Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland, Iceland
Ingi Th. Bjarnason02 Oct
01 SepType: Research Associate
Six postdoc positions in Origins of Life research associated to the new Dutch Origins Center (more)
Several Dutch Universities, Netherlands
Oliver Plümper24 Sep
08 AugType: Research Associate
Two Postdoctoral positions in Biogeochemical and Ecosystem Modeling (more)
Global Water Futures Program, Ecohydrology Research Group, University of Waterloo, Canada
UWaterloo GWF Officeuntil the position is filled
13 JulType: Research Associate
Postdoctoral Research Positions – Behaviour and transformation of chromium species during metallurgical processing of chromite ores (more)
Natural Resources Canada, CanmetMINING, Canada
Dogan Paktuncuntil the position is filled
21 JunType: Research Associate
Post-doctoral position in Antarctic dust Geochemistry (3 years) (more)
Laboratoire G-Time, ULB (N. Mattielli), in close collaboration with the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (A. Mangold), and the AMGC group at the VUB (Ph. Claeys), Belgium
Nadine Mattielli30 Sep
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Faculty, Technical and other positions

Sort by post date | Sort by application deadline

Posted onPositionEmployerContactApplication deadline
19 SepType: Other
Professorship (W2) (6 years/tenure track) of Geochemistry (more)
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Faculty of Geosciences, Germany
Dean - Faculty of Geosciences15 Nov
08 SepType: Other
6 tenure-track (full-time) positions  (more)
Faculty of Sciences, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción (UCSC), Chile
Juan Placencia20 Oct
07 SepType: Other
Position in Solid Earth Petrology/Geochemistry (more)
Department of Geological Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, United States
Michael Perfituntil the position is filled
28 JulType: Other
Associate Research Scientist (more)
The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, United States
Helen Olivetteuntil the position is filled
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