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Press releases from Goldschmidt2015

Several press releases based on presentations made at Goldschmidt2015 have already been relayed in the media internationally. Those include:
The ‘End of the high seas’, or we watch the seas die
Scientists and NASA astronauts developing near real-time osteoporosis and bone cancer test
Possible test for liver cancer using technology for analysing rocks and minerals
Research shows that comet impacts may have led to life on Earth — and perhaps elsewhere
The unbearable lightness of helium may not be such a problem after all

EAG Photo Contest now open!

Get your camera ready and take it to Prague! The second EAG Photo Contest is now open and you can submit your photos until 1 October. Winners receive a 5-year membership and more. Here are this year’s themes (submit one photo max. per theme): 1) The spirit of the Goldschmidt2015 conference 2) What is geochemistry for you? 3) Earth, Fire, Air, Water.

EAG-GS Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award to Paul Beattie

The EAG and the Geochemical Society have decided to recognise the lasting and substantive contributions to the development of geochemistry through the Goldschmidt conferences by honouring Paul Beattie with the 2015 EAG-GS Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award. This award will be presented at the Goldschmidt2015 conference.

New article in Geochemical Perspectives Letters and press release

Environmental pressure from the 2014–15 eruption of Bárðarbunga volcano, Iceland by S. Gislason et al. is the latest article published in Geochemical Perspectives Letters. A Press Release, Eruption of Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland spread SO2 pollutants over Europe, has also been issued.

Geochemical Perspectives 2014 Impact Factor: 8.1

We are excited to announce the Geochemical Perspectives 2014 Impact Factor, again above 8. We would like the thank all the authors, reviewers and editors, as well as the editorial staff, for making this journal a success. We remind you that all articles are freely available online at or via GeoScienceWorld.

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