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Goldschmidt2017 coming up soon

logo_gold17_100As the very last preparations for Goldschmidt2017 are taking place, we’d like to remind you that you can continue to register online (now at the onsite rate) and purchase tickets for social events (just a few left so hurry!).
Also Early Career Scientists can still sign up for ‘Meet the plenary’ (fantastic opportunity to share lunch with the plenary speaker of the day, in a cosy setting limited to a small group, ask all your questions and have some fascinating discussions) and for the Oral Presentation Skills workshop on Sunday 13 August to practise their Goldschmidt talks in small groups led by young experienced scientists.

EAG signs a Memorandum of Understanding with EAGE

EAGE_logo_100EAG is delighted to report signing a partnership agreement with the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE), a global professional, not-for-profit association providing a network of commercial and academic professionals.
This partnership allows both societies to promote their activities, and provides member registration rates for EAG members to attend the EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition, as well as member registration rates for EAGE members to attend the Goldschmidt Conference in Europe.
You will be able to meet EAGE at booth 215 at the upcoming Goldschmidt2017 conference.

EAG endorses Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences

africaResearch groups in Planetary and Space Sciences are now emerging in Africa, but remain scattered and underfunded. To elevate planetary and space science across the entire African continent, a group of researchers propose an Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences. It will involve coordinated actions with international partners for training M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, for developing locally-based scientific facilities, and for the progressive integration of the fascinating discoveries about our Solar System into University curricula.
The identified benefits of education and research programs in Planetary and Space Sciences and the call for endorsement of this initiative are presented in two articles recently published in EOS (Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences and The State of Planetary and Space Sciences in Africa).
EAG is excited to announce the formal endorsement of this initiative, alongside with several other professional organisations.

EAG Latest Publications


ImpressionNo direct contribution of recycled crust in Icelandic basalts
S. Lambart

Using Melt-PX to model the decompression melting of a heterogeneous mantle, I investigated the role of major-element composition of the lithologies present in the source on magmatic productivity, and trace element and isotopic melt compositions, independently of the bulk mantle composition. […]

Abstract_GPL1727_100Tracking continental-scale modification of the Earth’s mantle using zircon megacrysts
J. Woodhead, J. Hergt, A. Giuliani, D. Phillips, R. Maas

Metasomatism, the chemical alteration of rocks by a variety of melts and fluids, has formed a key concept in studies of the Earth’s mantle for decades. Metasomatic effects are often inferred to be far-reaching and yet the evidence for their occurrence is usually based upon individual hand specimens or suites of rocks that display considerable heterogeneity. […]


GPv6n1_100Future Global Mineral Resources
Nicholas T. Arndt, Lluís Fontboté, Jeffrey W. Hedenquist, Stephen E. Kesler, John F.H. Thompson and Daniel G. Wood

In this issue of Geochemical Perspectives, six authors with wide experience in ore deposit research, exploration and production present an optimistic but realistic appraisal of future mineral resources. They describe how ore deposits form, and how they are found, assessed, mined and processed. They discuss the critical differences between mineral reserves and resources, how economic and societal factors influence supply, and the critical roles that geoscientists will continue to play. The authors argue that mineral resources will remain adequate well into the future.

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