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Geochemical Perspectives Letters: 1st article now online!

We are excited to announce that the inaugural article of Geochemical Perspectives Letters (GPL) is now available online! GPL is the EAG’s new high-impact, short-format journal spanning the broad field of geochemical sciences. The first article “Preserved macroscopic polymeric sheets of shell-binding protein in the Middle Miocene (8 to 18 Ma) gastropod Ecphora” by J.R. Nance and colleagues presents new results on remarkably well-preserved proteins in the fossil remains of an important Chesapeake Bay organism.
Also see the associated EAG Press Release.

Albrecht W. Hofmann receives the EAG Urey Award

Albrecht W. Hofmann (Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Germany) is the 2015 Urey Award medallist, recognized for outstanding contribution over a career. Al’s research focuses on isotope and trace element geochemistry of Earth’s mantle.

Caroline L. Peacock receives the EAG Houtermans Award

Caroline L. Peacock (University of Leeds, UK) is the 2015 Houtermans Award medallist, recognized for exceptional contributions to geochemistry by scientists under 35 years old or within 6 years of their PhD. Caroline’s research focuses on molecular-level biogeochemical processes that govern the distribution of metals between soils, sediments and natural waters.

Philippe Van Cappellen receives the EAG Science Innovation Award

Philippe Van Cappellen (University of Waterloo, Canada) is the 2015 Werner Stumm Science Innovation Award medallist, recognized for an important and innovative breakthrough in geochemistry. Philippe’s research covers a broad range of areas in geochemistry, from mineral-water interactions to global biogeochemical cycles.

Christa Göpel receives the EAG Distinguished Service Award

Christa Göpel (IPGP, France) is recognized with the 2015 Distinguished Service Award for her service as the 2008-2014 EAG Treasurer. She has been instrumental for the solid financial situation which now allows the EAG to fund a number of initiatives. EAG is honored to recognize Christa for her outstanding contribution to the geochemical community, greatly exceeding the expectations of normal service.

The GS and EAG announce the 2015 Geochemical Fellows

The Geochemical Society and European Association of Geochemistry are pleased to announce those receiving the honor of 2015 Geochemical Fellow: Ariel Anbar (Arizona State University, USA), Hai Cheng (Xi’an Jiatong Uinversity, China and University of Minnesota, USA), Timothy Elliott (University of Bristol, UK), Monica M. Grady (Open University, UK), Eric Hauri (Carnegie Institute, Washington, USA), Gert de Lange (Utrecht University, The Netherlands), Timothy W. Lyons (University of California, Riverside, USA), Kathryn L. Nagy (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA), Eiji Ohtani (Tohoku University, Japan) and Holly Stein (Colorado State University, USA).

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