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Welcome to Goldschmidt2017!

logo_gold17_100The European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society are very excited to welcome you to the 27th Goldschmidt Conference in Paris!
Goldschmidt2017 is sure to be as exciting as ever, with 200 sessions across 23 themes playing host to a staggering number of posters and oral presentations, not to mention the wide variety of workshops, field trips, and early career events on the programme.

Registration opens at 15:00 on Sunday 13 August – note no entrance will be possible before then – and the Ice-Breaker starts at 17:00.

You can downloaded the Conference App from the Google Play store and the Apple store.

Tweeting at Goldschmidt2017? Please use #goldschmidt2017.

EAG AGM & Cocktail Party at Goldschmidt2017

cocktailIf you are in Paris, please do join us for the EAG Annual General Meeting & Cocktail Party on Tuesday 15 August at 19:00 in the Meridien Hotel, just beside the congress center. It will be a chance to find out more about EAG and our latest developments. This event is free and open to all.

EAG Latest Publications


GraphAbst_GPL1729_100Microbial nitrogen cycle enhanced by continental input recorded in the Gunflint Formation
A. Ishida, K. Hashizume, T. Kakegawa

Nitrogen isotope compositions (δ15N values) of kerogen in the sedimentary rocks from the 1878 Ma Gunflint Formation were analysed to understand the relationships among microbial activities, ocean chemistry, and tectonic evolution in the Animikie Basin. […]

ImpressionNo direct contribution of recycled crust in Icelandic basalts
S. Lambart

Using Melt-PX to model the decompression melting of a heterogeneous mantle, I investigated the role of major-element composition of the lithologies present in the source on magmatic productivity, and trace element and isotopic melt compositions, independently of the bulk mantle composition. […]

Abstract_GPL1727_100Tracking continental-scale modification of the Earth’s mantle using zircon megacrysts
J. Woodhead, J. Hergt, A. Giuliani, D. Phillips, R. Maas

Metasomatism, the chemical alteration of rocks by a variety of melts and fluids, has formed a key concept in studies of the Earth’s mantle for decades. Metasomatic effects are often inferred to be far-reaching and yet the evidence for their occurrence is usually based upon individual hand specimens or suites of rocks that display considerable heterogeneity. […]


GPv6n1_100Future Global Mineral Resources
Nicholas T. Arndt, Lluís Fontboté, Jeffrey W. Hedenquist, Stephen E. Kesler, John F.H. Thompson and Daniel G. Wood

In this issue of Geochemical Perspectives, six authors with wide experience in ore deposit research, exploration and production present an optimistic but realistic appraisal of future mineral resources. They describe how ore deposits form, and how they are found, assessed, mined and processed. They discuss the critical differences between mineral reserves and resources, how economic and societal factors influence supply, and the critical roles that geoscientists will continue to play. The authors argue that mineral resources will remain adequate well into the future.

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