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New article in Geochemical Perspectives Letters

Time-Lapse Zirconography: Imaging Punctuated Continental Evolution by S. Parman is the fifth article published in Geochemical Perspectives Letters, the new EAG journal publishing peer-reviewed high quality articles spanning geochemical sciences, fully open access, carrying NO author charges.

Latest Geochemical Perspectives: Hydrothermal Processes

Hydrothermal Processes, the latest issue of Geochemical Perspectives features the story of Hydrothermal Geochemistry as described through the memories of Hu Barnes, one of the great geochemists whose work has shaped our understanding of ore deposit formation. Hu’s research path spans over 7 decades and addresses discoveries related to reactions controlling the formation of many ore metal deposits, knowledge that we take today for granted.

Wouter Peters receives the EAG Eminent Speakers Award at EGU

At EGU General Assembly 2015, Wouter Peters (University of Wageningen and University of Groningen) received the EAG Eminent Speakers Award from Bernard Marty, EAG Vice-President. We also wish to thank all delegates who visited the EAG booth at EGU and particularly welcome our new members.

Press release: Bacteria can use magnetic particles…

New study shows Bacteria can use magnetic particles to create a ‘natural battery’. According to work published in journal Science on 27 March, the bacteria can load electrons onto and discharge electrons from microscopic particles of magnetite. This discovery holds out the potential of using this mechanism to help clean up environmental pollution, and other bioengineering applications. The European Association of Geochemistry is highlighting this work as especially interesting. Read more

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