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Geochemical Perspectives 2015 Impact Factor: 8.8

We are very excited to announce the 2015 Impact Factor of 8.8 for the EAG publication Geochemical Perspectives, started only four years ago. Geochemical Perspectives and its short letter format Geochemical Perspectives Letters (see below) are open access journals created by and for the geochemical community. Each Geochemical Perspectives issue presents a single article combining research and history of a field’s development and the scientist’s opinions about future directions. We are enormously grateful to all the authors, editors and editorial staff for their hard work, resulting in today’s achievement.

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2016 EAG Distinguished Lecturer: Alexandre Anesio

We are thrilled to announce the selection of Prof. Alexandre Anesio (University of Bristol) as this year’s Distinguished Lecturer. Alexandre Anesio’s research interests are broad and combine concepts from Geography, Biology and Chemistry to understand carbon cycle in the cryosphere.
The Distinguished Lecture Program continues to support institutions in Central and Eastern Europe therefore if interested, those are most welcome to invite Alexandre Anesio to present one or two lectures. More details here.

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