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High impact factor for Geochemical Perspectives

We are delighted to announce that our journal Geochemical Perspectives, launched in 2012, has received its first impact factor for 2013: 8.25. All articles are freely available online at or via GeoScienceWorld. Topics covered so far: The Iron Biogeochemical Cycle, The Carbon Cycle and Climate Change, Sculpting of Rocks by Reactive Fluids, Mineral-Aqueous Solution Interfaces, The Marine Carbon System and Ocean Acidification, Noble Gas Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of Earth’s Volatiles, Formation and Evolution of the Continental Crust, and Fluids in the Continental Crust.

EAG supports Earth Science Europe

ESE is a grass roots initiative to define the vision and infrastructure needs for solid-Earth science in Europe and provide a voice for the community. The ESE brochure is now available and provides a high-level vision for ESE aimed at policy makers, funders, industry and the public.

EAG Photo Contest: vote for the best photos

We would like to thank all participants of the first EAG Photo Contest. The jury has selected the best 5 photos in each theme and we now invite you to vote for your favourite photos. Again, the winner of each theme will receive a 5-year EAG membership and will see their photo on the banner of the newsletter and the EAG website.

New! EAG Student Sponsorship Program

As EAG aims to support students training in geochemistry, on years when the Goldschmidt conference is not in Europe (i.e. on even years), EAG will sponsor 20 students up to 200 Euros per student, to attend short courses, summer schools, workshops or conferences located in Europe and related to geochemistry. See more information and application deadlines.

Distinguished Lecture Program 2014

Dr. Rachael James, University of Southampton, has been selected as the EAG Distinguished Lecturer 2014. Her research focuses on the development and application of chemical and isotopic techniques to improve our understanding of earth and planetary processes- both now and in the past. Rachael will be visiting several institutions in Central and Eastern Europe; see tour and lecture details.

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