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New article in Geochemical Perspectives Letters and press release

Environmental pressure from the 2014–15 eruption of Bárðarbunga volcano, Iceland by S. Gislason et al. is the latest article published in Geochemical Perspectives Letters. A Press Release, Eruption of Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland spread SO2 pollutants over Europe, has also been issued.

Tribute to Pete Burnard

The members of CRPG Nancy are sad to announce the death of their friend and colleague Pete Burnard, in a hang-gliding accident on Sunday July 12, 2015. Those who would like to leave a message in tribute to Pete can do so on this page. Our thoughts are with his wife Elspeth and his children Elinor and Callum, and with his family and all of his friends at this tragic moment.

2015 Photo Contest starting next month

Get your camera ready, the second EAG Photo Contest will start on 15 August. Winners receive a 5-year membership and more. Here are this year’s themes (submit one photo max. per theme): 1) The spirit of the Goldschmidt2015 conference 2) What is geochemistry for you? 3) Earth, Fire, Air, Water.

Geochemical Perspectives 2014 Impact Factor: 8.1

We are excited to announce the Geochemical Perspectives 2014 Impact Factor, again above 8. We would like the thank all the authors, reviewers and editors, as well as the editorial staff, for making this journal a success. We remind you that all articles are freely available online at or via GeoScienceWorld.

New in Geochemical Perspectives Letters

The effect of warming climate on nutrient and solute export from the Greenland Ice Sheet by J.R. Hawkings, J.L. Wadham, M. Tranter, E. Lawson, A. Sole, T. Cowton, A.J. Tedstone, I. Bartholomew, P. Nienow, D. Chandler, J. Telling , Magnesium isotopic systematics of metapelite in the deep crust and implications for granite petrogenesis by S.-J. Wang, F.-Z. Teng, F. Bea, and Extreme 18O-enrichment in majorite constrains a crustal origin of transition zone diamonds by Ickert, R.B., Stachel, T., Stern, R.A., Harris, J.W., are now available in Geochemical Perspectives Letters, the new EAG journal publishing peer-reviewed high quality articles spanning geochemical sciences, fully open access, carrying NO author charges.

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