EAG Statement Condemning Racism

The indefensible actions that led to the killing of George Floyd by US police officers have reinforced a movement to eradicate systemic racism in the USA, and around the world. Our moral obligation to stand by the values of justice, integrity, inclusion, freedom, and equal treatment of all people is reaffirmed today, as it was in other defining historical moments, and as it must be every day on, from this moment.

The European Association of Geochemistry utterly condemns all forms of discrimination and is firmly committed to upholding our Code of Ethics which clearly prohibits the unfair treatment of our members regardless of age, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, disability, or religion (or lack thereof).

Sadly, we are aware of the discrimination and acts of racism that are faced by minorities and underrepresented ethnic groups in academic institutions and in science. Therefore, as a scientific organisation, we strive to ensure that our spaces are safe and welcoming for scientists from all walks of life, free of prejudice, and free of cultural and racial barriers. We must redouble our efforts to promote and improve inclusiveness and diversity, and encourage communication and collaboration for all people. We will and must also be willing and able to stand up to anyone whose actions intentionally or unintentionally violate our Code of Ethics. Embracing diversity and inclusiveness within the scientific community is central to the advancement of science in service of society. Only as we stand together can we find solutions to the problem of bigotry, discrimination and injustice.