Latest Geochemical Perspectives: Geology, Policy and Wine – The Intersection of Science and Life

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Recently published in Geochemical Perspectives Letters, Open Access EAG Publication

Triple oxygen isotopes of meteoric hydrothermal systems – implications for palaeoaltimetry
C.P. Chamberlain, D.E. Ibarra, M.K. Lloyd, T. Kukla, D. Sjostrom, Y. Gao, Z.D. Sharp

Termination of Cryogenian ironstone deposition by deep ocean euxinia
C. Wu, T. Yang, G.A. Shields, X. Bian, B. Gao, H. Ye, W. Li

Stable W isotope evidence for redistribution of homogeneous 182W anomalies in SW Greenland
F. Kurzweil, C. Münker, J.E. Hoffmann, J. Tusch, R. Schoenberg

In situ determination of sulfur speciation and partitioning in aqueous fluid-silicate melt systems
A. Colin, C. Schmidt, G.S. Pokrovski, M. Wilke, A.Y. Borisova, M.J. Toplis

Latest Geochemical Perspectives: ‘Geology, Policy and Wine – The Intersection of Science and Life’

This is a somewhat unusual Geochemical Perspectives issue in that it covers a broad range of academic, governmental, policy, wine, and celestial activities touched on during a 40 year career. From personal experience, Larry Meinert recounts his academic development, work in the US Congress, management of the energy and mineral resource functions of the US Geological Survey, helping to shape high level governmental policy, exploring resource issues beyond Earth to the Moon, Mars, and Asteroids, and last but not least the making of fine wine. READ MORE

Geochemical Perspectives is an Open Access EAG publication.

Latest Elements: ‘Redox Engine of Earth’

The redox state is one of the master variables that drove the formation of the Earth and that now also controls life processes. From the dawn of geochemistry, a knowledge of redox states has been essential to understanding the compositional makeup of our planet and the fundamental processes that occur in any natural chemical system, from the core to the atmosphere, from magmatic systems to aquatic systems. The social and economic impact of redox geochemistry is enormous because of the control it plays on metal mobility, solubility, metal availability and any associated complexing ligands, and the widespread use of redox indicators for environmental hazard assessment. READ MORE