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Latest Geochemical Perspectives: A Journey in Noble Gas Cosmochemistry and Geochemistry

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Presenter instructions

Are you presenting at Goldschmidt2023? Information is now available for in-person and remote presenters to prepare their presentation, including key upload deadlines. Presenting in person | Presenting remotely  

Program online

Browse the program by theme, or check out the week overview to see the sessions per day and per room.

Key information to plan your attendance

If you are planning to attend Goldschmidt2023 in person, note that the conference will take place at the Lyon Congress Center. Find out more about getting to Lyon and to the congress center. Here are some useful links: Key information for in-person delegates | Travel information | Childcare Social program | Lunch options

If you are planning to attend Goldschmidt2023 remotely, see Key information for remote delegates.

2023 EAG-GS Geochemistry Fellows

The European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society are delighted to announce the names of the 2023 Geochemistry Fellows: Alessandro Aiuppa, Karim Benzerara, Antje Boetius, Maud Boyet, Elizabeth Cottrell, Andrew M. Davis, Hailiang Dong, Danielle Fortin, Penny L. King, Thorsten Kleine, Daniel Ochieng Olago, Clive Oppenheimer, Clare E. Reimers, Rosalind E.M. Rickaby, Myrna J. Simpson, Neil Colrick Sturchio, and Shucheng Xie. Read more

2023 EAG Awards

We are very pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 EAG Awards. The three medallists will be presented with their awards at Goldschmidt2023 in July.

2023 H.C. Urey Award – Bo Barker Jørgensen, Aarhus University, Denmark
2023 N. Shackleton Science Innovation Award – Rosalind Rickaby, Oxford University, UK
2023 F.G. Houtermans Award – Ming Tang, Peking University, China
Read more

On the EAG Blog: Shipboard Science but with less shaky legs – The ECORD Training Course 2023

I am hopeful to one day join an IODP expedition as an inorganic geochemist, and so I travelled to Bremen, Germany in March 2023 to participate in the “ECORD Training Course” with the support of the EAG. The course is a so-called shipboard simulation, in which early-career… Read more

On the EAG Blog: A scientific party of SIMS experts and enthusiasts at the GFZ Helmholtz Centre, Potsdam

As a young analytical geochemist, I am always fascinated and interested in learning the basics, applications and technical know-how of different instruments and methods used in analytical geochemistry research. I have been particularly interested in the Secondary Ion Mass… Read more

On the EAG Blog: Lakes as Memories of the Landscape: EAG Early Career Ambassadors report back

We are grateful for the opportunity to have represented the EAG as Early Career Ambassadors at the recently concluded joint meeting of the International Association of Limnogeology and the International Paleolimnology (IAL-IPA) last November 2022. It took almost 24 hours of travel…  Read more

EAG Deadlines

1 September: EAG Student Sponsorship application deadline
1 October: EAG Early Career Science Ambassador application deadline

Goldschmidt2023 Deadlines

15 June: Upload deadline for remote posters
22 June: Upload deadline for poster teasers (applies to in-person & remote poster presenters)
29 June: Upload deadline for in-person posters 

Recently published in Geochemical Perspectives Letters, Open Access EAG Publication

Latest Geochemical Perspectives: ‘A Journey in Noble Gas Cosmochemistry and Geochemistry’

This Geochemical Perspectives issue, by Rainer Wieler, summarises almost five decades of research on noble gases from the Sun, meteorites and Earth, with the aim of studying the formation and evolution of planets and their building blocks, as well as Earth’s climate history. READ MORE

Geochemical Perspectives is an Open Access EAG publication. Print copies of previous issues can be purchased. Find out more

Latest Elements: ‘Alkaline Lakes’

Alkaline lakes are incredibly dynamic, unique, and fascinating biogeochemical environments. This thematic issue leverages the authors’ multidisciplinary insights to portray alkaline lakes’ biogeochemical, mineralogical, and geological importance for both science and society. The articles individually explore the unique conditions leading to the formation of alkaline lakes, the distinctively productive microbial ecosystems that inhabit them, their distinguishing chemistry and mineralogy, their role as societally important economic resources, and… READ MORE

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