Goldschmidt Virtual 2021: Update on Conference Format

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Latest Geochemical Perspectives: Origins and Early Evolution of the Atmosphere and the Oceans

Goldschmidt2021 becomes a fully virtual meeting

In the video below, Derek Vance, President of the European Association of Geochemistry, provides explanations about the new conference format. Read more details here.

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If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for waived registration. If you are not eligible, then registration is only €75 for student members of either society. Read more

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EAG Deadlines

1 May: EAG Student Sponsorship application deadline
1 June
: EAG Early Career Science Ambassadors application deadline

Goldschmidt2021 Deadlines

9 April: Student Helpers application deadline
1 June: Early registration deadline
1 June: Mentor Program sign up deadline

Recently published in Geochemical Perspectives Letters, Open Access EAG Publication

Selenium isotope evidence for pulsed flow of oxidative slab fluids
S. König, C. Rosca, T. Kurzawa, M.I. Varas-Reus, B. Dragovic, R. Schoenberg, T. John

The composition and weathering of the continents over geologic time
A.G. Lipp, O. Shorttle, E.A. Sperling, J.J. Brocks, D.B. Cole, P.W. Crockford, L. Del Mouro, K. Dewing, S.Q. Dornbos, J.F. Emmings, U.C. Farrell, A. Jarrett, B.W. Johnson, P. Kabanov et al.

Latest Geochemical Perspectives: ‘Origins and Early Evolution of the Atmosphere and the Oceans’

In this issue, Bernard Marty explores the origin and fate of volatile elements, i.e. those which form the atmosphere and the oceans and permitted the development of life on our planet. From the analysis of volcanic rocks, ancient atmospheric gases, and meteorites, we learn that the Earth is depleted in volatile elements when compared to its potential cosmochemical ancestors and that natural fluxes of carbon are two orders of magnitude lower than those emitted by current anthropogenic activity. Further insights have come from space missions that document the composition of the proto-solar nebula and the outer solar system. READ MORE

Geochemical Perspectives is an Open Access EAG publication.

Latest Elements: ‘Hydrothermal Fluids’

Fluids are the principle agents of heat and mass transfer in the Earth. This thematic issue will explore the physical and chemical properties of hydrothermal fluids and how they affect geologic processes. The issue will discuss our current understanding of the nature of hydrothermal fluids across a range of geologic settings; interactions between fluids and rocks; and the interrelationships between fluid-driven processes in different settings. Each article will highlight both broad and specific overlaps between “normal” and ore-forming hydrothermal fluids and will describe how the features of hydrothermal systems reflect the specific properties of the fluids in each setting. READ MORE