Goldschmidt2024 Call for Sessions and Workshops open until 31 October

Latest Geochemical Perspectives: A Journey in Noble Gas Cosmochemistry and Geochemistry

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Goldschmidt2024: Call for Sessions and Workshops

The Goldschmidt science program is built from the ground up with contributions from scientists around the world. We invite the entire geochemistry community to submit suggestions for sessions and workshops to help form the program. The deadline is 31 October. Read more

Watch the Goldschmidt2023 DEI Session on YouTube

The Goldschmidt2023 Session (14e) ‘Initiatives to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in geochemistry’ is now freely available to view via the Goldschmidt YouTube channel. View here

Goldschmidt2023 Conference Report

Goldschmidt2023 is now past and we warmly thank everyone who participated and made the event such a success. 4505 delegates from 76 countries gathered for a fantastic week of geochemistry in Lyon, France and online. Highlights and all key figures can be found in the conference report. Read here

Goldschmidt2025 and 2026 Dates and Locations Announced

The European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society are excited to announce that:

  • the Goldschmidt2025 Conference will be held 6-11 July 2025 in Prague, the Czech Republic.
  • the Goldschmidt2026 Conference will be held 12-17 July 2026 in Montreal, Canada.

Read more

Nominations for 2024 Awards Now Open

Recognizing deserving scientists is at the core of EAG’s mission. The EAG Award Nomination Committee is currently working hard to identify potential candidates and nominators, but we need the help of all the community to create a diverse pool of candidates. Make a nomination

Nomination deadline for Fellows: 31 October
Nomination deadline for Urey, Science Innovation and Houtermans Awards: 15 November

Invite the 2023 Distinguished Lecturer to your institution this autumn

For the 2023 Distinguished Lecture Tour, Dr. Sandra Arndt (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium) will present three lectures covering different aspects of carbon cycle-climate feedbacks and their role in determining the magnitude and pace of climate change.

If your institution is based in Central or Eastern Europe and you would like to invite Dr. Arndt to present one or two lectures this fall, please contact the EAG Office.

New Diamond Open Access Journal seeks volunteers for Editorial Board

Advances in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry, an upcoming community-led Diamond Open Access journal (free to publish and free to read) seeks to recruit members for its first editorial board. The current working group will consider applications based on their fit with respect to experience, vision, commitment to journal development and open access. Details of the positions being advertised, and further information can be found here.

EAG Short Course and Conference Sponsorship Program Application Deadline 1 November

Organizing a short course or small conference in Europe or online in 2024? EAG members organizing in-person or hybrid events focused on topics or techniques in the broad field of geochemistry can apply. The program aims to directly support student attendance at the event. Read more

On the EAG Blog: Non-academic careers Interview with Caroline Thaler, Climate tech project entrepreneur

[Interview by Thaïs Couasnon] What is your job? I am building a startup within Marble, a startup studio specialized in Climate tech. They are focused on developing technologies that capture greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, that can replace carbon intensive technologies …Read more

EAG Deadlines

1 October: EAG Early Career Science Ambassador application deadline
31 October: EAG Fellows nomination deadline
1 November: EAG Short Course and Conference Sponsorship Program application deadline
15 November: Nominations for the EAG Urey, Science Innovation and Houtermans awards deadline

1 December: EAG Student Sponsorship application deadline

Goldschmidt2024 Deadlines

31 October: Call for sessions and workshop proposals deadline
15 March: Grant application deadline
29 March: Abstract submission deadline
30 April: Volunteer team application deadline
1 July: Early registration deadline

Recently published in Geochemical Perspectives Letters, Open Access EAG Publication

Latest Geochemical Perspectives: ‘A Journey in Noble Gas Cosmochemistry and Geochemistry’

This Geochemical Perspectives issue, by Rainer Wieler, summarises almost five decades of research on noble gases from the Sun, meteorites and Earth, with the aim of studying the formation and evolution of planets and their building blocks, as well as Earth’s climate history. READ MORE

Geochemical Perspectives is an Open Access EAG publication. Print copies of previous issues can be purchased. Find out more

Latest Elements: ‘Olivine’

To study the Earth and other planetary bodies, one has to understand the mineral olivine; when and where it forms, how it crystallizes and deforms, and how it responds to changing environmental conditions in the Earth’s interior, on the surface, and in space. This issue will take a look at olivine research from the atomic scale to the Solar System and beyond. Olivine plays a critical role for … READ MORE

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