Abstract submission, grant applications and registration open

Goldschmidt2024 will bring together scientists from over 70 countries to discuss leading-edge discoveries in geochemistry and related subjects. 

Abstract submission, grant applications, and registration are now open, and the science program (including the new cross-cutting Theme 14), list of pre-conference science workshops and information about the hybrid format are now online. Mark your calendar with these important dates today!

15 March: Grant Application Deadline 
29 March: Abstract Submission Deadline
1 July: Early Registration Deadline


Society News

EAG Student Sponsorship now provides up to €1000! Next deadline: 1 February

Important information for student members!

The EAG Student Sponsorship Program has been expanded for 2024! Successful applicants may now receive up to €1000 to attend conferences, workshops, summer schools or short research stays in Europe or online.

Next deadline: 1 February

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Students based in Africa: Apply to attend the Summer School ‘Assessment of Tropical Forest and Soil Resources’

The EAG is proud to support student attendance at the Summer School 'Assessment of Tropical Forest and Soil Resources', taking place in Fort Portal, Uganda, on 19-24 August 2024.

Through a series of hands-on workshops, participants will get familiar with state-of-the-art tools and approaches for assessing land use change effects on plant-soil systems in tropical regions.

Application deadline to attend: 31 March

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EAG co-sponsored event '5th SerpentineDays' - Pre-inscription deadline: 15 February

The 5th SerpentineDays 2024, co-sponsored by the EAG as part of the EAG Short-Course and Conference Sponsorship Program, will take place 23-25 September 2024 in Granada, Spain.

Note the upcoming pre-inscription deadline: 15 February

Free registration is available for selected students. More information in the pre-inscription form on the website.

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Join the EAG or renew your membership!

Your EAG membership provides you with many benefits, including discounted registration for Goldschmidt2024, online and print issues of publications, access to the members' platform and forum, EAG funding through Early Career programs, and much more! 

2024 Membership Rates

Students: 1 year - 15€ | 3 years - 35€

Professionals: 1 year - 30€ | 5 years - 120€ | 10 years - 240€

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Outreach Program continues in January

The EAG-GS Outreach Program to Africa continues this month. 

Sebastian Doetterl (ETH Zürich) will present an online lecture on the role of biogeochemistry and soil development in complex tropical landscapes for carbon and nutrient cycling at four universities in Kenya, Uganda and Malawi in January 2024. View the dates here.

This program is entirely funded by EAG and GS to promote geochemistry in under-represented regions of the world. 

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Check out the 'Non-Academic Careers' interview series on the EAG Blog

For the EAG Blogosphere, Thaïs Couasnon of the EAG Communications Committee has been conducting a fascinating series of monthly interviews with geochemists working outside academia - in industry, start-ups, federal office, consultancy, laboratories, and more.

Read all the interviews published so far here on the blog (including the new interview from January below) and keep an eye out in the EAG newsletter for more interviews in 2024!

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New Elements issue: Geometallurgy

Geometallurgy is an interdisciplinary research field concerned with the planning, monitoring, and optimization of mineral resource extrac¬tion and processing. Geometallurgy requires a quantitative understanding of primary resource characteristics such as mineralogical composition and texture, the distribution and variability of these characteristics across the target ore body, and how these interact with mining and beneficiation processes. This requires accurate analytical… 

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All EAG members have online access to current and past issues of Elements. Members who have selected to receive print copies of Elements will shortly receive the latest issue by post.

Elements: Submit a thematic proposal!

Would you like to read about a certain topic in Elements? Do you think your research area would make a great thematic issue? Elements is soliciting thematic proposals for its 2025 / 2026 publication lineup. 
Submission guidelines and a proposal template can be found at

The next submission deadline is 25 February.

Questions? Seeking feedback on a draft proposal? Contact

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EAG Blogosphere

Careers Outside Academia: Sabine Mehay, Senior Geochemist in the Oil and Energy Industry

[Interview with Sabine Mehay by Thaïs Couasnon] What is your job? During my first 7 years with SLB, I was a technical expert and project manager in the Reservoir Laboratories organization, working closely with PVT experts, reservoir engineers, field sampling...  

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A message from the Earth’s subcontinental lithospheric mantle to delegates at the AGU Fall Meeting

[by Abimbola Chris Ogunyele] The American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting is one of the largest geoscience meetings in the world, where over 25000 delegates from more than 100 countries gather every year to discuss and promote topics about Earth and... 

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Important Dates and Deadlines

EAG and Goldschmidt deadlines

1 February: EAG Student Sponsorship application deadline 

1 March: EAG Early Career Science Ambassador application deadline 

15 March: Goldschmidt2024 Grant application deadline

29 March: Goldschmidt2024 Abstract submission deadline

30 April: Goldschmidt2024 Volunteer team application deadline (opening soon)

1 July: Goldschmidt2024 Early registration deadline

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Other geochemistry related events

30 January: Workshop on Advanced X-ray characterization technologies in Earth Sciences registration deadline 

15 February: 5th SerpentineDays 2024 (co-sponsored by the EAG) pre-inscription deadline

15 February: Q14: “The Quaternary in all its states: land, sea, ice” late registration deadline

15 February: Earth and Planets Origin and Evolution Workshop abstract & registration deadline

16 February: 37th International Geological Congress – IGC2024 abstract deadline

29 February: GAC-MAC-PEG 2024 abstract deadline

15 March: 85th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition early registration deadline

18 March: EGU General Assembly 2024 early registration deadline

25 March: 5th International Workshop on Electron Probe Micro-analysis late registration deadline

31 March: Volcandpark 2024 abstract & early registration deadlines

Ongoing Weekly: Pal(a)eo PERCS

Ongoing Monthly: Serpentine Days

Ongoing: Climate Now - Live conversations with climate experts

Ongoing: Gneiss Chats - Free geoscience podcast series

View all events

New in Geochemical Perspectives Letters

Rhenium elemental and isotopic variations at magmatic temperatures

Recent analytical advances in the measurement of rhenium (Re) isotope ratios allow its potential as a palaeoredox and chemical weathering proxy to be explored. However, a successful isotopic proxy...

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Magnesiowüstite as a major nitrogen reservoir in Earth’s lowermost mantle

Ferropericlase (Mg,Fe)O is after bridgmanite the most abundant phase in the lower mantle. The ultralow velocity zones above the core-mantle boundary may contain very Fe-rich magnesiowüstite (Fe,Mg)O, possibly...

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Titanium isotope constraints on the mafic sources and geodynamic origins of Archean crust

The timing and formation of Earth’s first continents during the Archean are subjects of significant debate. By examining titanium isotope variations in Archean Tonalite-Trondhjemite-Granodiorite (TTG)...

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Nucleosynthetic s-Process Depletion in Mo from Ryugu samples returned by Hayabusa2

Initial analyses of samples collected from two locations on the asteroid Ryugu indicated that the mineralogical, chemical, and isotopic characteristics of the Ryugu samples show similarities to carbonaceous chondrites...

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Stable cerium isotopes as a tracer of oxidation reactions

Redox conditions in past oceans have attracted significant interest and many proxies have been used to probe redox changes through time. For example, the redox dependent behaviour of Ce...

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Authigenic minerals reflect microbial control on pore waters in a ferruginous analogue

Ferruginous conditions prevailed in the oceans through much of Earth’s history. However, minerals recording these conditions remain difficult to interpret in terms of biogeochemical processes...

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Geochemistry Making the News

Land of the lost: Hidden lagoon network found with living fossils similar to those from more than 3 billion years ago

[CNN] Scientists have discovered a previously hidden ecosystem with an expansive system of lagoons in the salt plains of Puna de Atacama, an arid plateau in Argentina — with giant stromatolites that could provide a glimpse...

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‘Every bit of data is precious’: my life on a boat tracking how the ocean breathes

[The Guardian] From a ship in the Labrador Sea, scientists are tracking how gases move through global waters – a rare natural phenomenon that may be crucial to the management of the climate crisis. Darkness is falling and I’m up at the top...

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Possible first ever synchrotron-based analysis of asteroid Bennu to be performed

[Diamond Light Source via] After an amazing journey, a grain from the asteroid Bennu will be brought to Diamond Light Source, the UK's national synchrotron, for scientific measurements. The grain is from 100 milligrams of sample...

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Saturn’s moon Titan has disappearing ‘magic islands’ that may be clumps of organic material

[CNN] The disappearing “magic islands” on Saturn’s largest moon Titan have intrigued scientists since NASA’s Cassini mission spotted them during flybys a decade ago. Now, researchers believe they have unraveled...

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Bacteria fossils hold the oldest signs of machinery needed for photosynthesis

[ScienceNews] Ancient tiny fossils from Australia may carry evidence of great power: the ability to make oxygen through photosynthesis. The fossilized bacteria, dating from 1.73 billion to 1.78 billion years ago, are chock-full of ...

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Job Opportunities

Internships, MSc and PhD positions

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: PhD Position
Open PhD Position in Geochemistry (Paleoclimate)
University of Waikato, New Zealand
Position open until filled
Type: PhD Position
Research Associate for the Project “Molybdenum Isotope Geochemistry”
Institute for Geology, University of Hamburg, Germany
Position open until filled
Type: PhD Position
2 PhD opportunities in Li-pegmatite genesis at McGill University and UQAM in Montreal, Canada
McGill University and Université du Quebec à Montréal, Canada
31 January 2024
Type: PhD Position
PhD Position in Rhizosphere Biogeochemistry of Coastal Ecosystems
University of Lausanne, Switzerland
31 January 2024
Type: PhD Position
Research Associate for the Project “PrimePrevention - Prediction of anoxic and sulfidic upwelling events in the western Baltic Sea”
Universität Hamburg, Germany
21 January 2024
Type: PhD Position
Open PhD position in Geomicrobiology - ‘Anaerobic methane oxidation during permafrost thaw’
University of Tübingen, Germany
31 January 2024
Type: PhD Position
Deciphering microbial carbon cycling in acidic waters and implications for bioremediation
University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
19 January 2024
Type: BSc/Msc
M2 internship topic: Role of bacterial biofilm in access to soil nutrients (geochemistry-microbiology)
University of Strasbourg - FERED, France
30 November 2023 or position open until filled

PostDoctoral positions and Fellowships

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Postdoc in Experimental Geochemistry at the University of Calgary
The Reactive Transport Group at the University of Calgary, Canada
01 February 2024 or position open until filled
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Open postdoc position in Geomicrobiology - Magnetite biogeobatteries as (eco-)engineering systems for wastewater treatment, recovery of phosphate and energy production
University of Tübingen, Department of Geosciences, Geomicrobiology Group, Germany
03 February 2024
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Research Fellow in LA-ICP-MS
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
01 February 2024
Type: Research Associate
Permanent Senior Scientist in Analytical Biogeochemistry
University of Lausanne, Switzerland
31 January 2024 or position open until filled
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Postdoctoral positions in isotope geo/cosmochemistry and isotope metallomics
California Institute of Technology, United States
15 December 2023 or position open until filled
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Postdoc in mafic crustal growth
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
31 January 2024
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Post-doctoral Fellow in modelling the boundless carbon cycle, Dept. of Geography
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
31 December 2023 or position open until filled

Faculty, Technical and other positions

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: Academic
Lecturer/Associate Professor in Applied Geology or Environmental Geoscience
University of Southampton, United Kingdom
01 February 2024
Type: Other
Technical Officer (Geochemistry)
James Cook University, Australia
30 January 2024
Type: Academic
Assistant/Associate Professor, Environmental Geophysics
Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Waterloo, Canada
31 January 2024
Type: Academic
Assistant or Associate Professor of Practice in Aqueous Geochemistry and Environmental Science
University of Texas, Austin, United States
01 February 2024 or position open until filled
Type: Academic
Assistant Professor Position(s), Department of Earth, Energy and Environment, University of Calgary
University of Calgary, Canada
13 December 2023 or position open until filled
Type: Faculty
Two Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Positions - Marine Geological Processes and Biological Oceanography
School of Oceanography, University of Washington, United States
01 December 2023 or position open until filled
Type: Other
Founder, Critical Minerals (Mining / Refining / Geology)
Marble, France
21 November 2023 or position open until filled
Type: Academic
Assistant Professor in Hydrogeology & Water Science
University of Tennessee, Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, United States
01 December 2023 or position open until filled

EAG Partners

Q14: "The Quaternary in all its states: land, sea, ice" - Registration open until 15 February

The 14th International conference on the Quaternary will be held in Rennes from 26 February to 1 March, 2024. It will be organized by the Research Center in Archaeology, Archaeosciences, History (CReAAH, UMR 6566) under the patronage of AFEQ-CNF INQUA. Aiming to bring together scientific communities working on the Quaternary, the “Q14” conference will be structured around nine sessions and a round table, which will highlight the variety of themes and research objectives of French Quaternarians.

Late registration deadline: 15 February

More info

2024 EAGE Annual - Early registration deadline 15 March

The 85th EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition will take place in Oslo, Norway, from 10 to 13 June 2024. The programme includes a state-of-the-art conference, exhibition, workshops, short courses, field trips, and community & student activities. The theme – Technology and talent for a secure and sustainable energy future – sums up the most important contribution by our EAGE community to the societies we live and work in.

Early registration deadline: 15 March

More info

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