Goldschmidt Conferences

Goldschmidt2023: Thank you for submitting your abstract!

The abstract deadline closed on 1 March and we are delighted to have received over 4000 submissions! Abstracts are now being reviewed and we expect to the publish the session schedule overview in early April. In the meantime, start planning your conference by checking out:

Registration: the early registration and presenter registration deadline is 31 May
• Key information for in-person delegates including: travel information, childcare, social program, lunch options
• Key information for remote delegates 
Science workshops and early career workshops
Plenary speakers

Goldschmidt2023: Call for bloggers

Whether you are a first-time attendee or a more experienced conference-goer, if you have a passion for communication and are interested in sharing some of your experiences at Goldschmidt2023 with the community, we'd love to have you on board. A free banquet ticket will be offered to each of our bloggers. Contact the EAG Office to find out more.

Goldschmidt2023 Press Team: call for volunteers

During every Goldschmidt conference, a number of press releases publicising advances made in geochemistry and presented at the conference are issued. This outreach initiative is the result of the work of the Goldschmidt Press Officer and the Press Team. We are currently looking for volunteers to join the 2023 Press Team to help with the selection of newsworthy abstracts and provide guidance and contacts. For any questions or if interested, please contact the EAG Office.

Goldschmidt2024 and 2025: Dates and locations announced

The European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society are pleased to confirm the dates and locations for Goldschmidt2024 and 2025. Mark the dates in your calendars today!

2024 Goldschmidt Conference 
18–25 August 2024 | Chicago, Illinois, USA 

2025 Goldschmidt Conference 
6–11 July 2025 | Prague, Czech Republic


Society News

2023 Geochemistry Fellows

The European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society are delighted to announce the names of the 2023 Geochemistry Fellows: Alessandro Aiuppa, Karim Benzerara, Antje Boetius, Maud Boyet, Elizabeth Cottrell, Andrew M. Davis, Hailiang Dong, Danielle Fortin, Penny L. King, Thorsten Kleine, Daniel Ochieng Olago, Clive Oppenheimer, Clare E. Reimers, Rosalind E.M. Rickaby, Myrna J. Simpson, Neil Colrick Sturchio, and Shucheng Xie.

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New Editors at Geochemical Perspectives Letters

We are very pleased to welcome Raúl Fonseca (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany) and Romain Tartèse (University of Manchester, UK) to the Geochemical Perspectives Letters editorial board.

Raúl Fonseca (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany) combines tools from experimental petrology and isotope and trace element geochemistry to understand high-temperature processes operating at both the planetary and crust/mantle scales. His current research focuses on investigating B and Ti isotope fractionation in experimental and natural samples to understand processes such as subduction initiation in the Archean, as well as the identification of magmatic degassing in arc magmas prior to their eruption.

Romain Tartèse (University of Manchester, UK) uses microbeam techniques to investigate a range of Earth and planetary science questions, such as the volatile inventory of small planetary bodies (e.g., the Moon, asteroids), the differentiation of planetary crusts, and the preservation of the earliest traces of terrestrial life.

We also take this opportunity to thank departing editor Maud Boyet for her hard work and significant contribution to the journal during her time serving on the board.

GPL editorial board

EAG Co-Sponsored Event: SIMS Workshop - abstract submission and registration open

Lausanne, Switzerland, and online, 6-8 July 2023

This 2-day hybrid SIMS workshop will be held before Goldschmidt2023, and aims to gather specialists and experts in SIMS and NanoSIMS to cover technical and scientific aspects of geochemical micro and nano analysis. The workshop will include lectures from invited speakers, laboratory tours, discussion sessions and extended poster presentations. See the website for further information.

Abstract and Registration deadline: 1 May

Student travel funding is available via the registration page. 

More info

EAG Co-Sponsored Event: DINGUE VIII: Developments in Noble Gas Understanding and Expertise - apply for a travel grant by 15 April

Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland, 19-22 July 2023

This 4-day workshop will be held after Goldschmidt2023 and will cover all technical and scientific aspects of noble gas geo- and cosmochemistry. The scientific program will contain both talks and posters. See the website for more information.

Travel grant application: 15 April

Registration and abstract submission: 19 June

Nominations for the Pete Burnard award to an early career scientist: 19 June

More info

EAG Student Sponsorship Sponsorship Program: Next Deadline

The EAG Student Sponsorship Program supports onsite participation at events held in Europe, or online participation at events held anywhere in the world. Successful applicants will receive sponsorship of up to 500 euros to cover registration, abstract fees, and travel expenses where applicable. Applicants may be based in any country.

Next application deadline: 1 May

More info and apply

Important Dates and Deadlines

EAG and Goldschmidt deadlines

31 March: Goldschmidt2023 Student Helper application deadline

1 May: EAG Student Sponsorship application deadline

31 May: Goldschmidt2023 Presenter and Early Registration deadline

1 June: EAG Early Career Science Ambassador application deadline

View deadlines

Other geochemistry related events

15 March: 84th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition early registration & late breaking abstracts

17 March: InterPore2023 early registration deadline

20 March: SEGH2023 abstract submission

27 March: Tools in Biogeochemistry abstracts and workshop registration deadline 

1 April: Granitoids, Continents, Life and Puns: A workshop in tribute to Hervé Martin abstract and registration deadline

17 April: Wageningen Soil Conference abstract deadline

28 April: 28th IUGG General Assembly including the IAVCEI General Assembly early registration

1 May: SIMS and NanoSIMS workshop abstract and registration deadline

6 May: SIMP, SGI, SOGEI, AIV Joint Congress abstract submission

15 May: SGA 2023 – 17th SGA Biennial Meeting early bird, field trip and short course registration

31 May: Ore-forming processes and metasomatism workshop registration deadline.

Ongoing Weekly: Pal(a)eo PERCS

Ongoing Weekly: Seds Online

Ongoing Weekly: Ore Deposits Hub - Open Geoscience Talks

Ongoing Fortnightly: Astrochemistry Discussions

Ongoing Monthly: Serpentine Days

Ongoing: Climate Now - Live conversations with climate experts

Ongoing: Gneiss Chats - Free geoscience podcast series

Ongoing: MicroSeminars - Microbiology seminar series

View all events

New in Geochemical Perspectives Letters

An isotopically light nitrogen reservoir in the ocean: evidence from ferromanganese crusts

Ferromanganese (FeMn) oxide crusts and nodules in the deep ocean have been studied extensively in the context of critical metals and metal isotope mass balances; however, their role in the marine nitrogen cycle...

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Interaction between clay minerals and organics in asteroid Ryugu

The Hayabusa 2 spacecraft brought back to Earth grains of the carbonaceous asteroid Ryugu. Such grains represent the pristine state of CI chondritic materials and have been preserved from exposure to Earth’s atmosphere. Here, we show....

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Planetary accretion and core formation inferred from Ni isotopes in enstatite meteorites

Nickel is a siderophile and near-refractory element, making its isotopes a potential tool for tracing planetary accretion and differentiation. However, the origin of the Ni stable isotope difference between bulk...

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Geochemical evolution of melt/peridotite interaction at high pressure in subduction zones

The Borgo outcrop of the Monte Duria Area (Adula-Cima Lunga unit, Central Alps, Italy) is an excellent example of melt-peridotite interaction which occurred under a deformation regime at high pressure...

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Geochemistry Making the News

Gas monitoring at volcanic fields outside Naples exposes multiple sources of carbon dioxide emissions

[] The Phlegraean volcanic fields just west of Naples, Italy, are among the top eight emitters of volcanic carbon dioxide in the world. Since 2005, the Solfatara crater—one of many circular depressions in the landscape left by a long...

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Wildfire smoke particles erode the ozone layer

[] Wildfires are known to pump smoke up into the stratosphere, where the particles can drift for more than a year. By focusing on the “Black Summer” megafire that devastated eastern Australia from December 2019 to...

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Scientists synthesize cerium mineral that holds promise for biomedical research

[] Trinity geoscientists have developed a cheap and environmentally friendly method for the synthesis of the rare earth mineral which holds promise for the treatment of diseases associated with inflammation, including cancer...

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Mysteries of the Earth: How Fast Did Ancient Magma Ocean Solidify?

[European.times] During the early stages of Earth’s formation, a massive ocean of molten rock known as a “magma ocean” blanketed the planet’s surface and penetrated deep into its core. The cooling rate of this “magma ocean” played a...

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Evidence that deep-sea black carbon comes from hydrothermal vents

[] Hydrothermal vents have been identified as a previously undiscovered source of dissolved black carbon in the oceans, furthering our understanding of the role of oceans as a carbon sink. The ocean is one of the largest...

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Job Opportunities

Internships, MSc and PhD positions

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: PhD Position
Interfacial interactions of metal oxide nanoparticles with solvents and ligands
Institute of Crystallography, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
15 April 2023
Type: PhD Position
PhD student in mineral weathering and its CO2 removal potential
Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland
28 April 2023
Type: PhD Position
A new proxy for ocean circulation and its impact on rapid climate change
University of Bonn/University of St Andrews, Germany
31 March 2023
Type: PhD Position
3 year fully-funded PhD in Experimental Geochemistry with applications in Volcanology and Economic Geology
CNRS - Institut des Sciences de la Terre d'Orleans, France
03 April 2023 or position open until filled
Type: PhD Position
Biogeochemical analyses of nutrients in glacial meltwaters (PhD project) (f_m_x)
Helmholtz Centre Potsdam – GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Germany
31 January 2023 or position open until filled
Type: PhD Position
Research assistant - Ph.D. student in Geosciences
Gottfried Wilhelm-Leibniz University Hannover / Institute of Mineralogy, Germany
15 January 2023 or position open until filled

PostDoctoral positions and Fellowships

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: Fellowship
Gallagher Fellowship at the University of Calgary 2023-2024
University of Calgary Department of Geoscience, Canada
01 April 2023
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Postdoctoral Scientist in Particle Cycling
Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory, United States
Position open until filled
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Analytical Geochemistry of Isotopologues
University of Delaware, United States
03 March 2023 or position open until filled
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Research Fellow in thermodynamic modelling (PDRA3)
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
31 May 2023 or position open until filled
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Postdoctoral Researcher in Geochemistry
University of Los Angles Institute of Carbon Management, United States
Position open until filled
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Münster Early Career Postdoctoral Fellowships in Geosciences
The Instute for Mineralogy, University of Münster, Germany
28 February 2023 or position open until filled
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Postdoc position in Environmental Biogeochemistry/Soil Science to study the mobilization and (bio)chemical transformation of antimony
University of Bern, Institute of Geography, Switzerland
19 February 2023 or position open until filled

Faculty, Technical and other positions

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: Academic
Post-doctoral Fellow in modelling the boundless carbon cycle, Dept. of Geography
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
31 December 2023 or position open until filled
Type: Other
2nd Auxiliary Contract Staff position (2x3 years) for scientific and technical projects involving radiochemistry, in the context of quality assurance tools for nuclear materials control and environmental monitoring
European Commission / Joint Research Centre / Directorate G – Nuclear Safety and Security / Unit G.II.5 – Nuclear Data and Measurement Standards , Belgium
20 March 2023
Type: Other
1st Auxiliary Contract Staff position (2x3 years) for preparation and characterization of certified reference materials for mass spectrometry of actinide materials
European Commission / Joint Research Centre / Directorate G – Nuclear Safety and Security / Unit G.II.5 – Nuclear Data and Measurement Standards , Belgium
20 March 2023
Type: Other
Geochemical Modeller
UNDO Carbon Ltd, United Kingdom
Position open until filled
Type: Academic
Professor in Environmental Isotope Geochemistry
Aix-Marseille University, France
30 March 2023
Type: Academic
Geology and Geophysics - Assistant Professor
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, United States
30 June 2023

EAG Partners

EAGE Annual 2023 - Register by 15 March

The 84th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition will be held in Vienna, Austria, 5-8 June 2023. Join us to meet once again with key leaders and professionals in the energy, oil and gas, mining and other subsurface industries.

Late breaking abstract submission deadline: 15 March
Early registration deadline: 15 March
EAG members can register at member rates.

More info

IAVCEI General Assembly at the IUGG 2023 - Registration 28 April

The IAVCEI will be convening multiple symposia to be held at the IUGG 2023 the 28th General Assembly in Berlin, 11-20 July at the City Cube.

Registration early/regular: 28 April / 3 July

More info

SIMP, SGI, SOGEI, AIV Joint Congress - Abstracts 6 May

The Italian Society of Mineralogy and Petrology (SIMP), the Italian Geological Society (SGI), the Italian Society of Geochemistry (SOGEI) and the Italian Association of Volcanology (AIV) invite you to attend their Joint Congress in Potenza (Italy), 19-21 September with the theme "The Geoscience paradigm: Resources, Risks and future perspectives".

Abstract deadline: 6 May
EAG member discount available

More info

SGA 2023 - Registration 15 May 

The 17th SGA Biennial Meeting will be held in Zürich, Switzerland, 28 Aug - 1 Sep, with the theme "Mineral Resources in a Changing World". 

Early bird, field trip & short course registration: 15 May
EAG members can register at member rates.

More info

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