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   September 2020

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Call for sessions: submit by 15 October

The call for session and workshop proposals for Goldschmidt2021 is now open and we invite the entire geochemical community to submit suggestions for sessions to contribute to another high-quality science program. The submission deadline is 15 October.

We certainly hope to be able to meet from 4-9 July 2021 in Lyon, France, but are planning to also include online components to allow wide participation and welcome those who may be unable to attend in person. As always, the conference will feature great science, provide a high talk to poster ratio, and offer lots of opportunities to network!

The EAG and GS are well aware of the need to increase diversity at the Goldschmidt Conference and are taking action to address this issue. Everyone in the community also has a role to play so we particularly invite submitters to form diverse and inclusive teams of conveners.

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Society News

2021 Award nominations now open!

Nominations are now open for the 2021 Awards and Special Lecture.

Recognition of scientific excellence, achievement and contributions is important at all stages of a scientist's career. Should you know of any deserving colleagues, nominate them for the EAG Urey, Houtermans or Science Innovation awards, the Geochemistry Fellowship or the R. Berner Lecture.

Several changes have been made to nomination requirements and eligibility for the 2021 awards, and nominators are encouraged to consider achievements in the broadest sense. See the nominations page for further information on the different awards and how to submit a nomination.

Deadline for Geochemistry Fellows and R. Berner Lecture nominations: 31 October
Deadline for EAG Award nominations: 15 November

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Early Career Science Ambassador program (virtual events): next deadline 1 October

The next deadline to apply for the EAG Early Career Science Ambassador program is 1 October 2020.

With nearly all upcoming conferences switching to virtual format, this year's program has been adapted to allow postdoctoral researchers (up to 6 yrs post-PhD) and late-stage PhD students based in any country to participate in virtual events. Successful applicants will receive funding to cover the registration and abstract fees.

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EAG Blogosphere

Autodidacticism, hobbies and your professional future

[By Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco] My students often ask me how I learnt to make nice images and graphs for papers, cool diagrams, videos or programs. “What software do you use?” — is the typical question. So here goes some facts about my personal experiences to show the benefits of autodidacticism and hobbies… and how these can influence your future.

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Important Dates and Deadlines

Goldschmidt2021 and EAG deadlines

1 October: EAG Early Career Science Ambassador application deadline
15 October: Goldschmidt2021 Call for sessions and workshops closes
31 October: Geochemistry Fellows and R. Berner Lecture nomination deadline
15 November: Urey, Science Innovation and Houtermans Awards nomination deadline
1 December: EAG Student Sponsorship application deadline

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Other geochemistry related event deadlines

15 September: 82nd EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition early registration deadline - Organised by EAG partner society; EAG members benefit from member rate
21 September: GSA 2020 Connects Online early registration deadline

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Upcoming online community events

15/22/29 September, 6/13 October : Pal(a)eo PERCS (weekly)
16/23/30 September: Ore Deposits Hub – Open Geoscience Talks (weekly)
16/23/30 September, 7/14 October: Seds Online (regular)
23 September: Astrochemistry Discussions (every 3-4 weeks)
23/29 September: MicroSeminars (weekly)

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New in Geochemical Perspectives Letters

Fate of organic compounds during transformation of ferrihydrite in iron formations        

The absence of organic compounds from Precambrian iron formations (IF) challenges the hypothesis of the biogenic origin of IF. Here we address the fate of adsorbed organic compounds during transformation from...

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Diamond forms during low pressure serpentinisation of oceanic lithosphere

Diamond is commonly regarded as an indicator of ultra-high pressure conditions in Earth System Science. This canonical view is challenged by recent data and interpretations that suggest metastable growth of diamond in...

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Potential of Earth’s core as a reservoir for noble gases: Case for helium and neon                           

This study investigates metal–silicate partitioning of neon (DNe) under the likely conditions of early Earth’s core formation: up to 16 GPa, ∼ 3000 K and an oxygen fugacity near IW-2 (2 log units below the Iron-Wüstite buffer). We find that the DNe...

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Rapid onset of ocean anoxia shown by high U and low Mo isotope compositions of sapropel S1

Authigenic uranium isotope compositions of Holocene sapropel S1 (δ238Uauth = +0.10 to +0.52 ‰; ODP core 967, 2550 mbsl) are significantly higher than the proposed upper boundary (+0.2 ‰) associated with the transport-porewater...

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Geochemistry Making the News

A Possible Sign Of Life Right Next Door To Earth, On Venus [Podcast]

[NPR] Scientists say they've detected a gas in the clouds of Venus that, on Earth, is produced by microbial life. The researchers have racked their brains trying to understand why this toxic gas, phosphine, is there in such quantities, but they can't think of any geologic or chemical explanation. The mystery...

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Water, Water, Every Where — And Now Scientists Know Where It Came From [Podcast]

[NPR] Water on Earth is omnipresent and essential for life as we know it, and yet scientists remain a bit baffled about where all of this water came from: Was it present when the planet formed, or did the planet form dry and only later get its water from impacts with water-rich objects such as comets?

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Terrawatch: how much peat is there on Earth?

[The Guardian] How much of the Earth’s landmass is made of peat? We know that peatlands store as much as a quarter of all soil carbon, and if this were to be released we would face climate havoc. Until now, however, no one had made a comprehensive map of where peatlands occurred and how deep...

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The moon is rusty, and it’s likely Earth's fault

[Live Science] The moon is turning ever so slightly red, and it's likely Earth's fault. Our planet's atmosphere may be causing the moon to rust, new research finds. Rust, also known as an iron oxide, is a reddish compound that forms when iron is exposed to water and oxygen. Rust is the result of...

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Massive meteorite crater found in Western Australia thought to be 100 million years old

[The Guardian] A massive 100 million-year-old meteorite crater has been found while a company was drilling for gold in outback Western Australia. The impact crater is estimated to have a diameter of about 5km. Although not visible from the surface, experts found the crater using electromagnetic...

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Earth Is Barreling Toward a 'Hothouse' State Not Seen in 50 Million Years

[Sciencealert] Sixty-six million years ago, after a massive asteroid hit Earth with the explosive energy of roughly 1 billion nuclear bombs, a shroud of ash, dust and vaporized rock covered the sky and slowly rained down on the planet. As plant and animal species...

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Job Opportunities

Internships, MSc and PhD positions

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: PhD Position
Two open PhD positions in Geomicrobiology: Microbial Fe cycling and the fate of carbon during permafrost thaw
University of Tuebingen, Germany
15 October
Type: PhD Position
Analytical development for compound-specific stable isotope analysis (CSIA) applied to organic emerging contaminants
University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour, France
25 September
Type: PhD Position
Microbial Fe cycling during the genesis of Banded Iron Formations
University of Tuebingen, Germany
15 September

PostDoctoral positions and Fellowships

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: Postdoctoral Position
Postdoc in Aqueous Geochemistry
University of Minnesota, USA
Until position is filled
Type: Postdoctoral Position
Postdoctoral Scholar in aqueous geochemistry and reactive transport
University of Calgary, Canada
23 Septemeber or until position is filled
Type: Postdoctoral Position
Stable isotope and reaction kinetics
Indiana University, USA
Until position is filled

Faculty, Technical and other positions

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: Other position
2 Group Leader Positions in Earth Systems Data Science
Environmental Science Division / Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
31 July or until position is filled
Type: Other position
3 Group Leader Positions: 1. Ecosystem Processes, 2. Plant-Soil Interactions, and 3. Biogeochemical Dynamics
Environmental Science Division / Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
31 July or until position is filled
Type: Other position
Group Leader, Watershed Systems Modeling
Environmental Science Division / Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
31 July or until position is filled
Type: Other position
Group Leader, Earth Systems Modeling
Environmental Science Division / Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
31 July or until position is filled
Type: Other position
Earth Systems Science Section Head
Environmental Science Division / Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
31 July or until position is filled
Type: Other position
Earth System Informatics and Data Discovery, Section Head
Environmental Science Division / Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
31 July or until position is filled
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