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June 2019

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Upcoming deadlines: early registration closes 18 June

We are now only a few days away from the early registration deadline for Goldschmidt2019. Register online by 18 June to take advantage of the early registration rates. 

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18 June
is also the deadline to sign up for the Mentor Program, in which novice conference attendees and early career scientists ('mentees') are matched one-on-one with experienced scientists ('mentors') to help them navigate the conference. Find out more here.

All the upcoming Goldschmidt2019 deadlines
Early Registration: 18 June
Mentor Program sign up: 18 June
Standard Registration: 18 July
Social Event ticket sales: 18 July
Workshop booking: 18 July
Pop-Up Talk submission: 2 August


Towards a more sustainable Goldschmidt Conference

The European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society strive to take all possible measures to minimise carbon emissions, waste and pollutants at Goldschmidt Conferences.

Visit the dedicated webpage to find out about the initiatives put in place for Goldschmidt2019, including promoting greener ways to travel to Barcelona, reducing plastic use, and recycling and composting schemes and energy-saving strategies at the conference centre!

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Society News

Photos from Hasnaa Chennaoui Aoudjehane's 2019 Outreach to Africa tour

Earlier this year, Prof. Hasnaa Chennaoui Aoudjehane (Hassan II University of Casablanca) was in North Africa to talk about meteorites and planetary science for the first part of her 2019 EAG-GS Outreach tour.

Visit the EAG-GS Outreach page to find out more about the program and to view photographs from Hasnaa's seminar at the University of Nouakchott al asriya in Mauritania and from her workshop at the National Research Center in Cairo, Egypt.

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Elements June issue: South Aegean Volcanic Arc

The South Aegean volcanic arc lies at the intersection between Europe, Asia, and Africa, in the cradle of European civilization. Studies over the last decade have transformed our understanding of the arc: subduction architecture and back-arc geodynamics, genesis of the arc magmas, eruption chronology of the arc recorded in marine tephra archives, and hazards posed by eruptions and tsunamis. The volcanoes (e.g., Santorini) in this region have a long history of impacting on human civilization. The articles in this issue present a closer look at the igneous and tectonic processes and hazards that affect this region.

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EAG Blogosphere

Five important things to learn from the miniseries “Chernobyl”

[By Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco] If you have not watched the miniseries Chernobyl (HBO), what are you waiting for? It explains what happened when the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant became the worst man-made catastrophe in 1986, the causes of the accident, and the efforts of thousands of people to mitigate the problem. Chernobyl series is not focused on the dangers of nuclear industry, simply because nuclear is the safest source of energy...

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Q&A with the Goldschmidt Non-academic Careers Forum Panellists: Anne Trinquier and Katja Amstätter

[By the EAG Communications Committee] As an introduction to the upcoming events for early career scientists at Goldschmidt2019 in Barcelona in August, last month on the EAG blogosphere we talked to Goldschmidt panellist Lewis Collins, Editor-in-Chief of the journal One Earth, about his career in scientific publishing. In this next post in the series, Anne Trinquier and Katja Amstätter talk about their careers in the fields of R&D and consultancy...

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Important Dates and Deadlines

Goldschmidt2019 and EAG deadlines

18 June: Goldschmidt2019 early registration and Mentor Program deadlines
18 July: Goldschmidt2019 workshop and social event bookings close; standard registration deadline
18-23 August: Goldschmidt2019 Conference
1 September: EAG Student Sponsorship application deadline

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Other geochemistry related event deadlines

15 June & 15 July: DINGUE VI: Developments in Noble Gas Understanding and Expertise (co-sponsored by the EAG) abstract & registration deadlines
15 June & 30 July: ISEB24: 24th International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry (organised by EAG partner society, EAG members benefit from member rates) abstract submission & early registration deadlines
25 June: GSA2019 abstract deadline
15 July: 4th International Conference on Lunar and Deep Space Exploration (LDSE) registration deadline

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New in Geochemical Perspectives Letters

Fluid discharge linked to bending of the incoming plate at the Mariana subduction zone

Tectonically induced bending of incoming plates at subduction zones can result in normal faulting in the upper ocean crust. Seismic surveys and numerical models indicate enhanced permeability and fluid circulation when …

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Carbon isotopic signatures of super-deep diamonds mediated by iron redox chemistry

Among redox sensitive elements, carbon is particularly important because it may have been a driver rather than a passive recorder of Earth’s redox evolution. The extent to which the isotopic composition of carbon records...

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New insights into the plumbing system of Santorini using helium and carbon isotopes

We have analysed He, Ne and CO2 concentrations and isotopic ratios in seawater samples collected using a ROV above hydrothermal fields and in CO2-accumulating pools within Santorini caldera (Greece). Our results provide...

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Ultrahigh pressure structural changes in a 60 mol. %  Al2O3-40 mol. % SiO2 glass             

Structure of an Al-containing silicate glass (60 mol. % Al2O3–40 mol. % SiO2, A40S) is investigated up to 131 GPa, a pressure close to that of the Earth’s core-mantle boundary, by using our recently developed double stage large volume...

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Geochemistry Making the News

Building blocks of the Earth: Research team re-calculates distribution of volatile elements 

[ScienceDaily] Chemical analyses of meteorites allow for a better estimation of the chemical composition of the Earth and its potential building blocks. That is the result...

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Canadian Arctic fossils are oldest known fungus on Earth    

[The Guardian] Tiny fossils found in mudrock in the barren wilderness of the Canadian Arctic are the remains of the oldest known fungus on Earth, scientists say. The...

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How to make the thinnest possible free-standing sheets of perovskite materials

[Nature] Science often benefits from the discovery of extremes. Once we have proved the existence of an extreme, it can help us to build models that explain scientific...

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Venus is Earth’s evil twin — and space agencies can no longer resist its pull

[Nature] The helicopter fell like a stone. It dropped by more than 1,500 metres over Maryland, twisting slightly as the ground grew rapidly closer. Although this was all according…

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Sea Level Rise May Reactivate Growth of Some Reef Islands

[EOS] Rising seas pose serious threats for low-lying coral reef island nations. Widespread assumptions hold that encroaching waters will affect all reef islands...

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New mineral classification system captures Earth's complex past 

[ScienceDaily] The first minerals to form in the universe were nanocrystalline diamonds, which condensed from gases ejected when the first generation...

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Fungus that draws gold from its surroundings discovered in Western Australia  

[The Guardian] Fungus that draws gold from its surroundings has been discovered in Western Australia, stunning scientists who say it could signal new...

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Anthropocene now: influential panel votes to recognize Earth’s new epoch

[Nature] A panel of scientists voted this week to designate a new geologic epoch — the Anthropocene — to mark the profound ways in which humans have...

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Job Opportunities

Internships, MSc and PhD positions

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: PhD Position
Two PhD Positions at University of Waterloo and Laurentian University, Canada
University of Waterloo and Laurentian University, Canada
30 Jun or until position is filled
Type: PhD Position
Chemistry of xenon and krypton in planetary and nuclear contexts
Sorbonne University, Paris, France
21 Jun
Type: PhD Position
Phase diagram and equation of state of solid and liquid iron alloys at planetary core conditions
Institut de mineralogie, de physique des materiaux et de cosmochimie (IMPMC), Sorbonne University, Paris, France
22 Jul or until position is filled
Type: PhD Position
PhD positions in geothermal, isotope and experimental geochemistry
The Geochemistry Group of the Institute of Earth Sciences University of Iceland, Iceland
01 Jul or until position is filled
Type: PhD Position
Biomineralization by phototrophic Fe(II)-oxidizers under complex geochemical conditions
Geomicrobiology, Center for Applied Geosciences, University of Tubingen, Germany
15 Jun
Type: PhD Position
The Nature of Magmatic Carbon on Mars
The University of St Andrews, United Kingdom
20 Jun
Type: PhD Position
PhD opportunities in petrology/geochemistry/high-pressure experiment to work in a large project 'Deep Earth Cycles of Carbon, Water and Nitrogen'.
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
31 Jul
Type: PhD Position
Time constants and modeling of the hydrological transfers and alteration processes in the deep critical zone (Granitic Vosges Mountains, France)
Laboratory of Hydrology and Geochemistry of Strasbourg, France
01 Jul or until position is filled
Type: PhD Position
Comparative study of Messinian fossil stromatolites and modern analogues from Sardinia: towards a better understanding of paleogeobiological archives
CNRS @ Sorbonne University & Museum National d'Historie Naturelle, Paris, France
01 Jul or until position is filled

PostDoctoral positions and Fellowships

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: Research Associate
Post-Doc position in biological fractionation of non-traditional isotopes
Laboratory of Oceanography of Villefranche , France
30 Jun
Type: Research Associate
Non-traditional stable isotope systematics of geothermal fluids and minerals
The Geochemistry Group of the Institute of Earth Sciences University of Iceland, Iceland
01 Jul or until position is filled
Type: Research Associate
Silicon isotope systematics of geothermal fluids and minerals
The Geochemistry Group of the Institute of Earth Sciences University of Iceland, Iceland
01 Jul or until position is filled
Type: Research Associate
Novel reconstructions of ocean chemistry and atmospheric CO2 over the last 100 million years
University of St Andrews, United Kingdom
21 Jun or until position is filled
Type: Research Associate
Modelling the environmental impact of permafrost thaw on the Arctic Shelf
BGeoSys (Biogeochemistry and Modeling of the Earth System), Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
until the position is filled
Type: Research Associate
Postdoctoral Researcher in Aqueous Geochemistry / Hydrothermal Systems
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Department of Earth Sciences, United States
until the position is filled
Type: Research Associate
Postdoctoral researcher, FRM II Garching, Germany
Bayerisches Geoinstitut, University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Germany
until the position is filled

Faculty, Technical and other positions

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: Other
Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Experimental Planetary Physics
The Institute for Planetary Materials (IPM), Okayama University, Misasa, Japan
08 Jul or until position is filled
Type: Other
Laboratory Manager (m/f/x) in field of Geoscience
The Helmholtz Centre Potsdam - GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Germany
05 Jun or until position is filled
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EAG Partners

On The Rocks Geological Video Contest - Submit your videos by 23 June!

A joint initiative of the Italian Geological Society, the Italian Society of Mineralogy and Petrology, and the Italian Paleontological Society, On The Rocks is the first video contest entirely dedicated to tell Geology in 180 seconds. This year there is a new category "Rocks and Food" and the new "Bloopers" prize! Get in the game with On the Rocks! Submission deadline: 23 June.

More info

ISEB: 24th International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry. Extended abstract submission: 15 June

The 24th ISEB Symposium of the International Society for Environmental Biogeochemistry will be held on 22-27 September in Potsdam. Extended abstract submission deadline: 15 June.  Early registration deadline: 30 July. EAG Members benefit from reduced member rates.

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