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   February 2021

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Abstract submission closes 26 February

The abstract submission deadline for Goldschmidt2021 is approaching fast! Browse the science program  and submit your abstract online by 26 February.
Don't forget, presenting authors may present a second abstract in Theme 14: Geochemistry in the classroom and society: past, present and future of the field, and there is no abstract fee for submissions to this theme!

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Goldschmidt2021 Plenary Speakers

The five plenary speakers for Goldschmidt2021 have been announced, and we look forward to listening to their headline talks each day of the conference. The lectures will be presented onsite in Lyon and online.

Monday 5 July: Didier Queloz - University of Cambridge (UK) / University of Geneva (Switzerland)
Tuesday 6 July: Vickie Bennett - Australian National University (Australia)
Wednesday 7 July: Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, University of California, Merced (USA)
Thursday 8 July: Sonja Aulbach - Paul Gast Lecturer - Goethe-University Frankfurt (Germany)
Friday 9 July: Graham Farquhar - Australian National University (Australia)

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Browse the Goldschmidt2021 Early Career Program

A very comprehensive Early Career Program has been assembled, with events on diversity and inclusion, networking, science communication, career development and more. Events are both onsite in Lyon and online, scheduled in various time zones, to accommodate all delegates. You can sign up when registering for the conference.

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Registration now open!

Registration for Goldschmidt2021 is now open. View registration fees and information, and register by 18 May to get the best rates!
A discount of 60 Euros is available for members of the European Association of Geochemistry and members of partner societies. To join the EAG or renew your membership, click here

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Society News

2021 EAG Awards
We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 EAG Awards. The three medallists will be presented with their awards at Goldschmidt2021 next July.

2021 H.C. Urey Award - Sachiko Amari - Washington University in St. Louis, USA
2021 A.E. Ringwood Science Innovation Award - Fabrice Gaillard Institute of Earth Sciences at Orléans, France
2021 F.G. Houtermans Award - Paulo Sossi  ETH Zürich, Switzerland

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2021 EAG-GS Geochemistry Fellows
The European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society are pleased to announce the 2021 Geochemistry Fellows: Wei-Jun Cai, Thure Cerling, Janet Hergt, Fumio Inagaki, Jan Kramers, Wendy Mao, Graham Pearson, Simon Poulton, Alexander Sobolev, Marta Torres, Aradhna Tripati, Simon Turner, Meenakshi Wadhwa and Martin Whitehouse.

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 EAG Forum: network with other members

The EAG Members-only forums provide a unique space for EAG members to ask questions, start discussions, provide help to other members, and network within the community. The forum categories cover all the main fields of geochemistry, as well as analytical methods and tools, teaching methods, community, open science and much more.

New this month on the Forum! Share your press releases and discuss the latest geochemistry-related news stories in the new "Geochemistry Making the News" category. Convening a session at Goldschmidt2021? Advertise your session in the dedicated topic in "Conferences and Events".

Log in to the EAG Membership platform now to visit the forum, post a new topic, subscribe to receive topic updates or reply to earlier posts.
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EAG Forum

EAG Sponsored Virtual Short Course: Recent Developments and Applications in earth sciences of electron probe micro-analysis

Sponsored by the EAG 2021 Short Course and Conference Sponsorship Program, and hosted by the Agricultural University of Athens, the five-day “Recent Developments and Applications in earth sciences of electron probe micro-analysis” virtual short course will take place from 5-9 April 2021.

Combining online lectures and participant poster presentations, the course aims to educate undergraduates, graduates, and early career researchers in the theory and practice of Electron probe microanalysis (EPMA), with a specific focus on its application to geochemistry.
Visit the website for further information and register by 1 March.

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Early Career Scientist Ambassador program (virtual events): next deadline 1 March

With many conferences taking place in a virtual format in 2021, the EAG Early Career Science Ambassador Program has been adapted to allow final-stage PhD students and early career researchers (up to 6 yrs post PhD) based in any country to apply to present at a virtual conference hosted anywhere in the world (except Goldschmidt). Successful applicants will receive awards to cover registration and abstract fees. Next deadline: 1 March.

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Important Dates and Deadlines

Goldschmidt2021 and EAG deadlines

1 March: EAG Early Career Science Ambassador application deadline
1 May: EAG Student Sponsorship application deadline
26 February: Goldschmidt2021 Abstract deadline
26 February: Goldschmidt2021 Student Helper application deadline
18 May: Goldschmidt2021 Early registration deadline

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Other geochemistry related event deadlines

28 February: ContaSed 2021: 2nd International Conference on Contaminated Sediments abstract deadline - Co-sponsored by the EAG
1 March: Recent Developments and Applications in Earth Sciences of Electron Probe Micro-Analysis  abstract deadline - Co-sponsored by the EAG
15 March: EAGE 2021: 82nd Annual Conference & Exhibition early registration deadline - EAG members benefit from member rate
20 March: 37th SEGH International Conference on Geochemistry and Health  oral abstract deadline

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Upcoming online community events

Ongoing Weekly: Pal(a)eo PERCS
Ongoing Weekly: Seds Online
Ongoing Weekly: Ore Deposits Hub – Open Geoscience Talks
Ongoing Fortnightly: Astrochemistry Discussions
Ongoing: MicroSeminars - Microbiology Seminar Series
24-25 March: Frontiers in Mars Sample Chronology Abstract submission deadline: 5 March. No charge but pre-registration required.

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New in Geochemical Perspectives Letters

Integration of elemental and isotope data supports a Neoproterozoic Adamastor Ocean realm 

A robust elemental and isotopic dataset from Neoproterozoic igneous rocks discloses protracted consumption of oceanic lithosphere in the 3,000 km long orogenic system of southeastern South America. Time dependent isotopic variation trends suggest that Tonian-Cryogenian magmatic...

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Noble gas incorporation into silicate glasses: implications for planetary volatile storage             

Incorporation of small molecules in silicate melts may provide an important mechanism for storing noble gases in the deep Earth, yet the means by which chemically inert noble gases enter and are retained in silica-based materials is not understood. High pressure, room temperature sound...

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Morphology dominated rapid oxidation of framboidal pyrite   

The rapid oxidation of framboidal pyrite is conventionally attributed to its fine grain size. However, the effect of the crystal facets of the microcrystals in the framboids on the oxidation process has been overlooked. We synthesised pyrite monocrystals of microscopic size...

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Olivines in main-group pallasites: magma-ocean cumulates or partial melting residues?              

Main-group pallasites (MGPs) are meteorites mainly composed of Fe-Ni metal and olivines, the latter being considered as one of the largest sampling of extraterrestrial mantle material available for study on Earth. We analysed the rare earth element (REE) concentrations of olivines...

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Abiotic formation of organic biomorphs under diagenetic conditions  

The most ancient fossil record contains fundamentally important information on both the diversity and disparity of ancient life. Yet this ancient record is not that easy to decode, due to difficulties mainly pertaining to the impact of the geological history. Thus, the convergence...

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Chlorine isotope ratios record magmatic brine assimilation during rhyolite genesis              

Magmatic volatile phases within crustal silicic magma domains influence key volcanic processes such as the build up to eruptions and formation of magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits. However, the extent and nature of fluid-melt interaction in such environments is poorly understood, as...

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Geochemistry Making the News

Substance found in Antarctic ice may solve a Martian mystery

[Science] Researchers have discovered a common martian mineral deep within an ice core from Antarctica. The find suggests the mineral—a brittle, yellow-brown substance known as jarosite—was forged the same way on both Earth and Mars: from dust trapped within ancient ice deposits...

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Life on Mars? Escaping water vapour offers new clues

[The Guardian] Researchers have observed water vapour escaping high up in the thin atmosphere of Mars, offering tantalising new clues as to whether the red planet could have once hosted life. The traces of ancient valleys and river channels suggest liquid water once flowed across the surface of...

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Researchers rethink life in a cold climate after Antarctic find

[The Guardian] The accidental discovery of marine organisms on a boulder on the sea floor beneath 900 metres (3,000ft) of Antarctic ice shelf has led scientists to rethink the limits of life on Earth. Researchers stumbled on the life-bearing rock after sinking a borehole through nearly a kilometre of...

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What might Earth’s next supercontinent look like? New study provides clues

[Science] From Columbia to Rodinia to Pangaea, Earth has seen a few supercontinents come and go in its ancient past. Now, researchers theorize that these giant landmasses form in regular cycles, about once every 600 million years. They even predict when and where the next supercontinent...

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Palaeoclimate puzzle explained by seasonal variation

[Nature News and Views] Understanding past climate change is crucial for putting modern global warming in context. Reconstructions of climate during the Holocene — the current interglacial epoch, which began 11,700 years ago — based on geological evidence suggest that a peak in global mean...

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'Colder and deeper’: Scientists close in on spot to drill Antarctic ice core 1.5m years old

[The Guardian] Antarctic scientists are close to finalising a drilling location deep in the frozen continent’s interior that could reveal a continuous record of the Earth’s climate going back 1.5 million years. After almost a decade of work, scientists at the Australian Antarctic Division are close to pinpointing...

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The Arctic Ocean might have been filled with freshwater during ice ages

[Nature News and Views] The Arctic region is undergoing rapid climatic and environmental change1, so knowledge of its past variability is crucial for understanding modern trends and predicting future ones. Ancient climate conditions and ocean behaviour are often reconstructed by analysing...

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Job Opportunities

Internships, MSc and PhD positions

Position Employer Application deadline
Type: PhD Position
PhD position in Volcanology and Glass Science
University of Bayreuth, Germany
Position open until filled
Type: PhD Position
Petrology and geochemistry of high-pressure reduced fluids in subduction zones
University of Bologna, Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, Italy
31 March 2021
Type: PhD Position
PhD in Lipid Biomarkers “Ocean life on the brink: Quantifying the collapse of marine ecosystems during the Permo-Triassic climate crisis (DFG)”
University of Hamburg, Germany
03 February 2021 or position open until filled
Type: PhD Position
PhD position in isotope biogeochemistry (YouTube link)
The Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat, Israel
01 April 2021 or position open until filled
Type: PhD Position
Two PhD positions in Hydrothermal Geochemistry of Rare Earth Elements
New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, New Mexico Tech, New Mexico, United States
15 January 2021 or position open until filled

PostDoctoral positions and Fellowships

Position Employer Application deadline
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Research Associate in Planetary Science
The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
13 March 2021
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Btex Isotopic fractionation for Gas Storage in aquifers Monitoring
Pau University, E2S UPPA, France
15 February 2021 or position open until filled
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Inorganic Geochemistry “Ocean life on the brink: Quantifying the collapse of marine ecosystems during the Permo-Triassic climate crisis”
University of Hamburg, Germany
03 February 2021 or position open until filled
Type: PostDoctoral Position
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Geomicrobiology, Lithium)
University of Exeter / Camborne School of Mines, United Kingdom
01 March 2021
Type: Research Associate
Research Associate for dynamic modelling of permafrost ecosystems
Universität Hamburg, Germany
16 February 2021

Faculty, Technical and other positions

Position Employer Application deadline
Type: Faculty
Professor in Mineralogy
Department of Geosciences, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
15 May 2021
Type: Faculty
Sackler-Clarendon Associate Professor of Sedimentary Geology
University of Oxford, United Kingdom
15 January 2021 or position open until filled

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EAG Partners

The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland:
Frontiers in Mars Sample Chronology Virtual Workshop

The Frontiers in Mars Sample Chronology virtual workshop, sponsored by The Meteoritical Society and The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, will be held 24-25 March 2021.

Registration is free, but pre-registration is required.
Abstract deadline: 5 March

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