2013 Sponsored Short Courses and Conferences

In 2013, the EAG sponsored 3 short courses taking place immediately before Goldschmidt 2013, Florence, Italy, 25-30 August. The EAG specifically sponsored students attending the short courses by providing grants.

D.I.N.G.U.E. 3: Developments in Noble Gas Understanding and Expertise
24-25 August at the University of Florence, Italy

Read the feedback from students attendees

Students sponsored Institution
Michael Broadley University of Manchester, UK
Ana Carracedo Plumed University of Glasgow, UK
Colin Jackson Brown University, USA
Lisa Jepson University of Manchester, UK
Masahiro Kobayashi University of Tokyo, Japan
Maïa Kuga CNRS Nancy, France
Marine Paquet IPGP, France
Rita Parai University of Harvard, USA
Oliver Warr University of Manchester, UK
Olga Yakubovich unknown

Pushing forward boron isotope analytics: Advancing methodologies, analytical uncertainty and inter-comparability of data
24-25 August at the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources, Pisa, Italy

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Students sponsored Institution
Raul Brens Macquarie University Sidney, Australia
Enrico Cannaò University of Genova, Italy
Wei Chen University of Notre Dame, USA
Veerle Devulder Ghent University, Belgium
Johanna Noireaux IPGP, France
Frank Ohnemueller University of Bremen, Germany
Yen Po Lin NCKU University, Taiwan

Redox-active Minerals: Properties, Reactions and Applications in Clean Technologies
25 August at the University of Florence, Italy

Students sponsored Institution
Nia Blackwell Aberystwyth University, UK

In addition, the EAG also sponsored the EnvironMetal Isotopes 2013 conference, 18-23 August, Ascona, Switzerland. EMI 2013 assembled 80-100 international scientists, students and senior researchers, to present and discuss the latest results on stable metal isotope fractionation and its application to environmental geochemistry.
The EAG sponsored 10 PhD student grants to attend.

Students sponsored Institution
Loretta Corcoran Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Sonja Geilert Utrecht University, Netherlands
Nicolas D. Greber University of Bern, Switzerland
Chen Gruber Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Cynthia McClain Stanford University, USA
Chloé Pretet University of Geneva, Switzerland
Ian M. Saunders Aberystwyth University, UK
Esther Velasco VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sara R. Worsham University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Nang Htay Yin Université Paris-Est, IPGP et U-P Diderot, France

A complete list of pre- and post-Goldschmidt 2013 workshops and associated events can be found at http://goldschmidt.info/2013/workshops

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