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Nominations for the 2024 H.C. Urey Award

Who may submit a nomination?

Anyone may submit a nomination for the EAG H.C. Urey Award except for the members of the H.C. Urey Award Committee and of the EAG Council. They may not nominate a candidate directly nor write a support letter, but they may actively solicit nominations from others.

Who may be nominated?

The H.C. Urey Award is bestowed annually by the EAG for outstanding contributions advancing geochemistry over a career. The award is based on scientific excellence as well as the broader impacts candidates have made in their careers to date.
Nominations of underrepresented groups are encouraged.

Any scientist may be nominated except for:

We do not exclude mentors or mentees (e.g., supervisor-student, post-doctoral employer-employee relationship) from making nominations. We also do not exclude collaborators or members of the same institution as writers of nominator or support letters. We do regard such nominations as a potential conflict of interest if the relationship has been in the past 3 years. Consistent with our Conflicts of Interest Policy, such potential conflict of interest should be acknowledged and communicated to the selection committee as part of the nomination, but do not disqualify the individual from participating.

What are the nomination requirements?

All nominations must include:

  1. A completed cover sheet; download the form as Word document or as fillable PDF (make sure to open it in your PDF application)
  2. The principal nominator’s letter (up to 2 pages), including a discussion of the nominee’s major contributions to the field of geochemistry (this letter may be cosigned by up to 3 additional people)
  3. One letter of support (up to 2 pages) focusing on the nominee’s contributions to the broader geochemical community. Such contributions may include but are not limited to mentorship of young scientists, outreach, encouragement of diversity and inclusion in science or exceptional editorial contributions. The support letter should be written by a different person than the principal nominator’s letter.
  4. A brief (up to 4 pages) CV for the candidate
  5. A listing of the candidate’s publications

Professional Ethics Disclosure

When submitting a nomination, the principal nominator is asked to check one of the following:

1. I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the person I have nominated has not been sanctioned or found at fault as the result of a complaint, investigation, or other proceeding related to his/her professional conduct (including harassment allegations), and that he/she is not currently the subject of such an investigation.

2. I am aware that the person I have nominated has been sanctioned or found at fault as the result of a complaint, investigation, or other proceeding related to his/her professional conduct, or that he/she is currently the subject of such an investigation, but would nevertheless like to proceed with the nomination.

Please note that selecting the second case is not necessarily disqualifying, but you may be contacted by a member of the EAG or GS Executive or Ethics Committee for a confidential discussion.

What is the nomination deadline?

The nomination must be received by 15 November 2023 for the 2024 H.C. Urey Award.
Once submitted, nominations are held for three award cycles (e.g. 2024-2026). If the nominee becomes ineligible during this period, the nomination will be removed from those being considered. Nominators may update their packages every year to keep them current.

Submission deadline:
15 November

New since 2021

The society has made three changes to the required nomination materials:

  1. The number of supporting letters is reduced from three to one.
  2. The supporting letter should now focus on the nominee’s contributions to the broader geochemical community (details under Nomination Requirements on this page).
  3. The principal nominating letter may now have up to 3 signatures in addition to the nominator’s signature.

Nominations submitted for previous years may be updated to meet these new requirements at the nominator’s discretion. An update is not required, however.

Questions regarding nominations for the H.C. Urey Award can be sent to awards@eag.eu.com.