Geofluids provides an international forum for original research into the role of fluids in mineralogical, chemical, and structural evolution of the Earth’s crust. Geofluids emphasizes both chemical and physical aspects of subsurface fluids throughout the earth’s crust (excluding silicate melts). The journal spans studies of groundwater, terrestrial or submarine geothermal fluids, basinal brines, petroleum, metamorphic waters or magmatic fluids, but requires relevance to processes that are significant on a geological time scale. Examples of areas covered include, but are not restricted to:

  • the composition and origins of geofluids
  • the hydrodynamics of sedimentary basins
  • the chemical or physical behaviour of geofluids in porous or fractured rocks
  • the geochemistry of dissolution, transport and precipitation by fluids
  • fluid flow accompanying metamorphism

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