Distinguished Lecture Tour 2017

Distinguished Lecturer
Lenny Winkel_170Prof. Dr. Lenny H.E. Winkel, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Lenny H.E. Winkel is currently Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich) and group leader at Eawag (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology) in Duebendorf, Switzerland. She did her undergraduate studies in Geology at Utrecht University (the Netherlands) and obtained her Ph.D. in Geochemistry in 2006 at ETH Zurich, followed by postdoctoral research positions at Eawag and University of Grenoble, (France), University of Aberdeen (UK) and the Technical University of Crete (Greece) in the frame of an EU funded Marie Curie project. Her postdoctoral research focused on broad-scale predictions of arsenic in groundwaters and pathways of different selenium species in the natural environment. In 2011 she was awarded a Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Professorship for her project on the global biogeochemical cycle of selenium. Her current research is still focused on trace elements with important health impacts, and more specifically on the biogeochemical cycling of these elements from the molecular to the global scale. Furthermore, her research focuses on predicting effects of climate and environmental changes on the cycling and environmental distributions of these trace elements. Her research has been published in top-ranked disciplinary scientific journals (e.g., Environmental Science and Technology and Nature Geoscience) and interdisciplinary journals (e.g., Nature Communications and PNAS).


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  • Lecture 1: Arsenic contamination of groundwaters
  • Recorded at the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Eötvös University Budapest (ELTE)

  • Lecture 2: Global biogeochemical cycling of selenium
  • Recorded at the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Eötvös University Budapest (ELTE)

  • Lecture 3: Predicting broad-scale environmental distributions of trace elements
  • Recorded at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia

Tour information

Date Institution Location Lecture
Friday 20 October Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Eötvös University Budapest (ELTE) Budapest, Hungary Lectures 1 and 2
Monday 23 October Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Environmental Science & Engineering Cluj-Napoca, Romania Lecture 1
Wednesday 25 October Czech Geological Survey Prague, Czech Republic Lectures 2 and 3
Thursday 26 October Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Science and the University of South Bohemia Czech Budweis, Czech Republic Lecture 3

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