Distinguished Lecture Tour 2012

Distinguished Lecturer

The EAG’s second international lecture tour was presented by Pr. Tim Elliott, University of Bristol, UK.

Read an account of Tim’s tour.

Lecture Abstracts

  • Lecture I: The Origin of Precious Metals on Earth
  • Lecture II: Super Nova Contributions to the Solar System
  • Lecture III: Tracing mantle evolution with novel isotopic systems

Read lecture abstracts.

Tour information

  • 19 November: Institute of Geological Sciences, Warsaw University, Poland (Lectures I and III)
  • 20 November: Institute of Geological Sciences, Wrocław, Poland (Lecture I)
  • 21 November: Faculty of Geology and Geography, Sofia University, Bulgaria (Lecture I)
  • 22 & 23 November: Faculty of Environmental Science, Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Lectures I and III)

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