Deep Earth Processes, windows on the workings of a planet

Deep Earth Processes, windows on the workings of a planet

15-16 September 2014, Geological Society of London

This international meeting sought to draw together the latest ideas and results from geophysicists, geochemists, mineral physicists, geodynamicists and petrologists to identify the processes shaping the inaccessible depths of our planet and examine how they are manifested at its surface. The conference aims to enhance interaction across sub-disciplines and rationalise the latest observations — be they clues revealed in the compositions of mantle melts, diamond formation, seismological nuances, or atomistic scale predictions. There will be a series of keynote and invited talks, and there is a call for abstracts (closing date 30 May 2014).

Conference convenors include SA Gibson & SAT Redfern (University of Cambridge); S Goes (Imperial College) & MJ Walter (University of Bristol).

The conference was sponsored by the British Geophysical Association, Geochemistry Group, Mineral Physics Group and Volcanic & Magmatic Studies Group (Geological Society of London, Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland) and the European Association of Geochemistry.

The EAG sponsored the following students to attend the conference:

Students sponsored Institution
Michael Broadley University of Manchester, UK
Jennifer Brooke University of Edinburgh, UK
Esther Posner Universität Bayreuth, Germany

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