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The European Association of Geochemistry firmly believes in the global availability of science. To this end, we have developed several initiatives ranging from open access publications, support to early career scientists, or outreach programs. Here, we have identified three initiatives that we invite you to support. Contribute any amount today.

Help early career scientists attend the Goldschmidt Conference

GtConfThe Goldschmidt Conference is a platform in which early career scientists become more familiar with standard scientific practice, forge long-lasting scientific partnerships, and get insight into their own research. Such an experience can have a major impact on a young researcher’s career, and is particularly important for students and post-doctoral researchers from low-income countries who may have limited opportunities to interact with the international geoscience community.

Through the Goldschmidt Grants Program, the EAG waives registration fees for young scientists from low and low-middle income countries, but for many applicants travel and accommodation costs remain prohibitive. Support for this program would allow additional meritorious applicants from low and lower-middle income countries to have their travel/accommodation partially covered by the 500 Euro grant.


Raise 5,000 Euros by 2019 to cover the travel of 10 additional researchers from low-income countries to attend Goldschmidt2019.


Support short courses in geochemistry

Students_220Short courses provide an unique opportunity for scientists to extend or to gain new knowledge in a wide range of geochemical areas, ranging from analytical techniques to modelling. They also provide a great networking platform for early-career scientists in their specialized field. Short courses are organized by leading researchers in their fields and participants pay a small fee that covers basic costs such as renting lecture rooms. Additional funding, however, is often needed, if access to computers or instruments is required.

At present, the EAG funds two short courses every year with 2,000 Euros per course, thereby supporting about 20 students. Each year, however, more short courses are proposed than can be offered due to lack of financial resources.


Raise 2,000 Euros per year to support one more short course per year.


Support an open access, no page charges, EAG publication

GPL_donation_pageThe EAG believes strongly in sharing scientific advances through open-access high quality journals. To this end, we launched Geochemical Perspectives Letters (GPL) and Geochemical Perspectives (GP), which are entirely society owned and produced in house. While GP publishes invited contributions from leading scientists in their field, GPL offers a platform to publish submitted short, high-quality articles and carries NO author charges.

The production of each GPL article costs 2,000 Euros. 27 articles were published in 2016 and we expect to publish more every year. At present, a large part of EAG’s budget goes into supporting the publication of these flagship journals, but we also would like to count on the support of the community to cover some of the publishing costs.


Raise sufficient funds to cover 5% of the yearly production costs of Geochemical Perspectives Letters. For 30 articles/year, this represents 3,000 Euros per year.


Support all EAG initiatives

If you prefer, you can contribute to the general funds of the European Association of Geochemistry, whose goal is to promote geochemistry and serve the geochemistry community by developing activities such as the Goldschmidt Conferences, open access publications, support of early career scientists, outreach programs or recognition of scientific excellence.


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