About James Day

James Day, Recipient of the 2013 Houtermans Award

James Day is an Assistant Professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California.

James is from the county of Kent in England and holds Bachelor of Science and PhD degrees from the University of Durham. After graduation in 2004, James did a post-doc at the University of Tennessee, followed by a post-doc and subsequently a research scientist faculty position at the University of Maryland. James became an Assistant Professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, part of the University of California San Diego, in 2010. James’ research interests include understanding planetary accretion and differentiation, early Solar System formation and evolution, magmatic processes and the petrogenesis of igneous, volcanic and metamorphic rocks, and ore genesis processes. James applies stable and radiogenic isotope systems, trace element geochemistry, petrology and field observations to achieve his research goals.

You can find additional information about James and his research group on his website.

Citation by Richard Walker, University of Maryland, USA (presented at the Goldschmidt 2013 conference).

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