Advertising in the EAG Newsletter

NewsThe EAG Newsletter is mailed to about 14,000 scientists who are EAG members and regular attendees of the Goldschmidt conferences. Those scientists include professionals in high and low-temperature geochemistry, biogeochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, cosmochemistry, as well as students in geosciences.
The monthly newsletter is viewed by about 30% of the number of recipients.

About the EAG

The European Association of Geochemistry, EAG, is a non-profit organization established in 1985 to promote geochemistry internationally and in particular, provide a forum for the presentation of geochemistry, exchange of ideas, publications and recognition of scientific excellence.

In the last few years, the EAG has expanded its international standing and visibility through:

  • successful Goldschmidt conferences (the last European Goldschmidt in 2017 in Paris attracted over 4500 delegates)
  • publications such as Geochemical Perspectives Letters, Geochemical Perspectives, and ongoing participation in Elements
  • development of communication platforms for the geochemical community such as a completely free job posting service, the EAG Blog, and a presence on social media
  • initiatives such as the Distinguished Lecture Program in Eastern Europe, Outreach Program in Africa, sponsorship of short courses and conferences, student sponsorship, Early Career Ambassador Program; see all our activities.

Frequency & Deadlines

The EAG Newsletter is mailed once a month, towards the middle of the month.

Advertising space should be reserved by the 5th of the month.
Advertising banners should be provided by the 12th of the month.


1 month 3 months 6 months
160 Euros 435 Euros
(145 Euros/month)
750 Euros
(125 Euros/month)


  • Advertising banners should be up to 500px wide x 150px high
  • The newsletter is made of clear sections and advertisements can appear in between sections, in two possible highly visited locations: right under the section ‘Important dates & deadlines’ or above the section ‘Job opportunities’.
  • Banners will be linked to the advertiser’s webpage.
  • Banners file format should be JPG, PNG or GIF.
  • Advertisers subscribing for several months can change their banner and/or link every month.

See an example of the EAG newsletter.

Monitoring effectiveness

Upon request, the EAG can provide a report on the number of times the newsletter was viewed and on the number of clicks received on advertising banners.

Advertising policy

The EAG accepts advertisements related to geochemistry, mineralogy, crystallography, or petrology, and to the use of these disciplines in other sciences, industry, technology, or the arts.

Invoices will be generated by the EAG and payment (bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard) should be made upon receipt.

Contact information

For any enquiry, please contact Marie-Aude Hulshoff, EAG Operating Officer at

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