Don Canfield, EAG Councillor

Donald E. Canfield received his PhD in geochemistry from Yale University, under the supervision of Robert A. Berner. Currently, Canfield is Prof. of Ecology at the University of Southern Denmark and Director of the Nordic Center for Earth Evolution (NordCEE). Canfield uses the study of modern microbes and microbial ecosystems to understand the evolution of Earth surface chemistry and biology through time. Canfield is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences. He has authored “Oxygen, a Four Billion Year History”, co-authored “Aquatic Geomicrobiology”, has co-edited “Fundamentals of Geobiology”, while also editing the newly translated “Bass Becking’s Geobiology”. Canfield is an editor for the journals PNAS, Geobiology, and the American Journal of Science, and has served the ERC as an Advanced Grant panel member.

Additional information is available here.

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