Andreas Kappler, EAG Secretary

Andreas Kappler is currently professor of Geomicrobiology at the Center for Applied Geosciences of the University of Tübingen in Germany.

He received his PhD in 2000 from University of Konstanz (Germany) in Microbiology and had postdoc positions at the ETH Zürich/EAWAG (2000-2002) in Environmental Chemistry and at the California Institute of Technology (2002-2004) in Geobiology.

Andreas Kappler is Associate Editor of PALAIOS and on the editorial board of GEOBIOLOGY.

His main area of interest focuses on iron geomicrobiology, cell-mineral interactions, and degradation and transformation of pollutants.

Members of his research group study the precipitation and dissolution of iron minerals by iron(II)-oxidizing and Fe(III)-reducing microorganisms and the consequences of these mineral transformations for the fate of organic and inorganic pollutants in the environment. They investigate redox properties of humic substances (natural organic matter), their role as electron shuttles for microbial redox processes and their interactions with toxic metal ions. Modern Fe(II)-oxidizing bacteria, diagenesis simulation experiments and Fe-/C-isotope analyses are used to find evidence for a possible direct microbial contribution to the deposition of Precambrian Banded Iron Formations.

Andreas received a grant from the European Research Council (ERC), ‘Microbial formation of minerals by communities of Fe(II)-oxidizing bacteria in modern and ancient environments’, in 2012.

More information and a list of publications can be found here.

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