2018 Urey Award Committee

The Urey Award is presented annually, at the Goldschmidt conference, for outstanding contributions advancing geochemistry over a career.

It is named in honor of Harold Clayton Urey, an American physical chemist whose pioneering work on isotopes earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1934 and later led him to theories of planetary evolution.

The Urey Award Committee is chaired by the EAG Vice-President.

Here are the members of the 2018 Urey Award Committee:

Name Institution
Chair: Sigurður Gíslason
Term: 07/2017 – 06/2019
University of Iceland, Iceland
Janne Blichert-Toft
Term: 07/2015 – 06/2018
ENS Lyon, France
Yuji Sano
Term: 07/2015 – 06/2018
University of Tokyo, Japan
Tina Treude
Term: 07/2016 – 06/2019
University of California Los Angeles, USA
Harold C. Connolly Jr.
Term: 07/2016 – 06/2019
Rowan University, USA
Susan Stipp
Term: 07/2017 – 06/2020
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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